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HP BL460c Gen 9 vs. Gen 10

The HP Gen X line of servers are industry leaders in accelerating data center performance and managing hybrid workloads. If your business is looking to boost performance, maintain scalable options and handle virtualization capabilities with increased efficiency, the HP BL460C Gen 9 and Gen 10 servers are a top choice.

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Your Old Computers and IT Equipment May Be Worth More than You Think

When it comes time to upgrade your computer, you’ll be happy to know that you may have a valuable asset that can help offset the cost: your old equipment! Many people view old PCs, monitors and related equipment as destined for the landfill or, at best, as items to be given away for free. If you happen to share this view, the experts at SourceTech beg to differ.

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Dell PowerEdge R640 vs R740

The Dell PowerEdge line of servers are industry favorites and among the most effective at managing data center workloads. These servers combine excellent memory capacity, superior application performance, and data security to keep your everyday business functions running smoothly.

This article will compare and contrast the Dell PowerEdge R640 against the Dell PowerEdge R740. Find out which one is a better fit for your business.

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Super-computing is now possible with HP / HPE Gen10 Servers

Businesses in data-heavy industries such as medical, science, energy, engineering and government constantly face the challenge of processing large amounts of data in the shortest time possible. Data needs to be moved around quickly and in a cost-effective manner in order to facilitate data analysis and to solve data problems. These challenges call for more efficient and powerful machines that are backed by a scalable infrastructure.

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Dell Threat Defense Prevents Ransomware

Many users operate their systems dreading the possibility of a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a kind of malware that targets and disables access to critical components of your system (such as important files and folders). When ransomware penetrates your system, it embeds itself deep within your files and is often impossible to remove without an access code that only the ransomware developer possesses.

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