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Maintenance Services

SourceTech is your provider for server, network, & storage maintenance during the lifetime of your equipment. When a support request is made, a certified IT personnel will be sent directly to you. We offer various levels of support including:

24/7 Mission Critical Support

Unexpected server downtime can cause hiccups to your business. With our 24/7 mission critical support, your equipment can be serviced by our certified IT personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays

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8×5 Next Business Day Support

Next business day support is our affordable service for non-critical systems and applications that need attention, but can wait until next business day. Our IT personel will be available to you Monday – Friday, not including major holidays.

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Nation-wide Maintenance Services

24/7 mission critical, 8×5 next business day support & hardware installation

Hardware Installation & Data Center Moves

Whether you just purchased IT equipment or need to move your entire data center, SourceTech will send you certified installers with experience in supporting large storage environments.

Custom Configuration Services

SourceTech can also reconfigure one of your existing servers or storage arrays to your specifications. Our IT personel will run complete tests on your equipment so you can be sure it functions properly. 

Post Warranty Support

If you need maintenance on expired warranty equipment, Source-Tech can provide exceptional technical support and customer service that help keep your IT infrastructure up and running.