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PowerVault (Modular Storage)

Optimized for small-scale storage consolidation and virtualization, Dell's PowerVault line of storage products includes high-performance SAN and direct-attached storage arrays as well as high-capacity expansion enclosures and integrated management software.

"Our company has been doing business with SourceTech for about 1 year and they have become our primary 3rd party company when it comes to pre-owned server and storage. They always provide the lowest pricing, systems are properly setup and turn around is usually 1 week. If there are any issues their response is always quick and extremely helpful."

- Timothy Deleon

VNX Series

The VNX platform from EMC has increased hardware performance optimization that ensures cache and back-end RAID management processes take full advantage of multicore CPUs, allowing cache and back-end processing software to scale in a linear fashion.

  • VNX8000
  • VNX7600 / VNX7500
  • VNX5800 /VNX5700
  • VNX5600 / VNX5500
  • VNX5400 / VNX5300 / VNX5200
  • VNXe3200
  • VNXe3150 / VNXe3100

EqualLogic - PS Series iSCSI Storage Arrays

Patented peer storage architecture, Dell's EqualLogic storage systems comes with high-end management capabilities and consistent data availability regardless of the server configuration plus fault-tolerant architecture that supports many major operating systems.

  • PS4100 / PS4100E / PS4100X / PS4100XV
  • PS6000E / PS6000X
  • PS6100E / PS6100X / PS6100XS / PS6100XV
  • PS6500E / PS6500ES / PS6500X
  • PS6510E / PS6510ES / PS6510X