Sun Oracle Servers

Refurbished and Used Sun Servers

These systems are known for 24 x 365 reliability as well as built-in security and fail-over features.

There are models and sizes and for all types of duty requirements for all types of organizations. SourceTech has the Sun servers to fill the needs of small departments and work-group environments, to full-blown data center and number crunching research applications.

SourceTech specializes in providing our clients with quality used and refurbished as well as new Sun / Oracle servers. If you need help deciding if a refurbished Sun server is right for you call or mail one of our specialist. Let us know the details of the system you require and we will work to satisfy those needs. Not only can we provide you with a quality refurbished Sun server but we can also provide you with parts as well as needed maintenance to keep your existing Sun server’s running at their fullest potential.

Custom Configured Sun Microsystems / Oracle servers:

SourceTech can custom build and configure any system to fit your particular requirements. Our experts can take your specifications and configure a custom server from all original Sun / Oracle parts. SourceTech can handle any custom project and can quickly deliver you a quality and reliable server at a great price. Contact us with your specific system configuration needs and we can give you a custom quote.