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Sun / Oracle SPARC T7-2 Server


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Oracle’s SPARC T7-2 server is a two-processor system that enables organizations to respond to IT demands with extreme security and performance, at a lower cost compared to alternatives. It is ideal for a wide range of enterprise class workloads, including database, applications, Java, and middleware, especially in a cloud environment. This system is based on the SPARC M7 processor, the first to use a revolutionary technology from Oracle referred to as Software in Silicon.

The performance of the SPARC M7 processors comes from its 32 cores, each handling up to 8 threads using unique dynamic threading technology. The processor can dynamically adapt to provide extreme single-thread performance, or enable massive throughput by running up to 256 threads. The processor cores are designed to accelerate Java workloads, especially Java 8 applications and beyond, and enterprise applications. Using this efficient design, together with Oracle Solaris virtualization technology with near-zero overhead, a much larger number of virtual machines can be supported on Oracle’s SPARC servers compared with Intel Xeon-based systems, resulting in a significant decrease in the cost per virtual machine.

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