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Sun / Oracle SPARC T5-4 Servers


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SPARC T5-4 servers running Oracle Solaris 11 deliver high performance in a compact and secure single-socket server. The sixteen-core, SPARC T5 processor delivers kick-butt performance for web hosting and web services, as well as software development, database, and analytics to name a few possible deployment scenarios. The T5-4 provides a highly integrated platform with maximum security and speed for a wide range of enterprise and mission-critical applications. Features such as on-chip cryptographic acceleration and optional flash-based storage devices for application performance acceleration, make the SPARC T5-4 systems a highly desirable choice for your computing infrastructure. Guaranteed binary compatibility ensures support for legacy applications, and protection for your internal software development investments.

SourceTech’s used and refurbished T5-4 systems keep more dollars in your IT budget till, while delivering the same number-crunching performance as full-priced, new systems. Improve your system utilization and reduce costs with real time scaling and workload consolidation using built-in, no-cost, low overhead virtualization. The T5-4 has 5x increase in single-thread performance and 7x increase in floating point performance over previous generation servers for a wide range of enterprise applications.

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