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Sun Netra SPARC T4-2 Servers


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Sun Oracle T4-2Oracles scalable Netra SPARC T4-2 server running Oracle Solaris is a high density, two-socket, 20_ deep 4RU platform that supports demanding communications workloads. Its ideal for 4G and LTE networks, and cloud-based deployments. Netra systems are well-known to providers in communications, voice, data, and cloud services. These high availability Sun Netra systems come at a well deserved price, but you can save hundreds of dollar per system when purchasing our refurbished and hot tested previously installed servers. Call a sales rep now to get details on the Netra T4-2, configuration descriptions, and price quotes. The current generation of Netra systems deliver a 5x performance increase over previous generation servers. This system provides performance and scalability required for OSS/BSS applications and data center consolidation. The Netra SPARC T4-2 shortens time to deploy new services with built-in, no-cost virtualization, management, and security.

SPARC T4-2 Server Info CPU Speed Up to 2.85 GHz Memory Size Up to 512 GB Number of CPUs Up to 2 Number of Cores Up to 16 Number of Threads Up to 128 Processors SPARC T4

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