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Sun SPARC M3000 Servers


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Sun SPARC M3000Get mainframe grade reliability and performance in a single-CPU, 2U form factor. The economical Sun SPARC M3000 server allows you to keep up with growing processing demands with its ability for scaling to 64 processors within the same M-series family. The built-in, mission-critical RAS capabilities give you the reliability, availability, and serviceability needed to keep your business up and running. Consolidate two or more servers into this small footprint rack mount box, to save literally thousands of lifecycle dollars.

SPARC M3000 Server Info CPU Speed Up to 2.86 GHz Memory Size Up to 64 GB Number of CPUs Up to 1 Number of Cores Up to 4 Operating Systems Oracle Solaris 10 or 11 Processors SPARC64 VII

Two Year Warranty, Free Shipping