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Sun SPARC M5000 Servers


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Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server is the next level above the M4000. As with the other M-Series systems, with the SPARC M5000 you can expect mainframe-class performance and RAS capabilities. The 100% Solaris binary compatibility as well as the bundled advanced “no cost” virtualization are highly desirable and valuable features. The M5000 supports up to eight quad-core SPARC64 VII+ processors with increased clock speed up to 2.66 GHz and 11 MB on-chip L2 cache, allowing room for growth and/or extra horsepower when needed. The Oracle M5000 bundles built-in support for four dynamic domains and thousands of Oracle Solaris Zones at no additional cost! The 10RU footprint rack mount system is well-suited for ERP, SCM, and CRM deployments, as well as BIDW databases, datamart, decision support systems, collaboration and consolidation. The SPARC 64 M5000 is available in new entry-level configurations.

SPARC M5000 Server Info CPU Speed Up to 2.66 GHz Memory Size Up to 256 GB per domain / system Number of CPUs Up to 8 Number of Cores Up to 32 Operating Systems Solaris Processors SPARC64 VI / SPARC64 VII / SPARC64 VII+

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