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SourceTech Systems offers great value on New Servers

SourceTech Systems has been widely known for providing great value in used infrastructure, ranging from servers to work stations and other IT equipment. For over 20 years, we have achieved the perfect balance between quality and value, allowing our customers to enjoy deep discounts without compromising on performance.

However, SourceTech also provides great value on brand new servers. Our knowledge of the industry enables us to stock the best brands at competitive prices. Through exceptional customer service, we also guarantee timely delivery and a manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind.

New product in the manufacturer box

Our new servers come in the original box from the manufacturer. You can be sure that the product is the highest quality, but with a better, more personal experience than purchasing from a manufacturer. With our new servers, you will not be compromising on quality or value.


At SourceTech, we make sure that our inventory is always up to date. Looking for that brand new Dell server? You can be sure we have it in stock. Our new servers are also ready to be shipped out in 1-2 business days.

No wait time

When upgrading to a new server, you probably want to experience as little down time as possible. Having non-functional servers could mean that your business operations are held at a standstill. Orders made directly from the manufacturer can lead to waiting times as long as 2-4 weeks. When you purchase a new server from SourceTech, you can be sure that it will get to you on time, so you can get back to business.

3-year next business day full warranty

Our new servers come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Purchase your servers knowing that if you experience any problems, you will get the manufacturers 3-year, next business day, on-site warranty – just like if you purchased from the manufacturer. There are also warranty uplifts available for mission-critical production environments.

Popular new server models


HP ProLiant DL360/380 Gen9 or G9

The HP DL360 and 380 G9 servers are workhorses for dense, general computing. They are dedicated for increased performance and memory expandability, making them a reliable solution for space-constrained workloads.

At SourceTech, we have both the HP DL360 and DL380 G9 servers in stock, ready to ship to you in 1-2 business days.

Dell PowerEdge R630 and R730

The line of Dell rack-mount servers is an industry-leading option for most data centers. These servers are ideal solutions for many businesses because they are designed to achieve high-performance and maximum efficiency.

SourceTech keeps these brand new servers in stock, offering custom configurations where we can upgrade memory and virtualization for your specific needs.

Oracle / Sun T7-1

Need to bundle security with performance? The Oracle T7-1 is the server for you. It achieves extreme security at lower costs while handling workloads such as database, applications, middleware, and Java.

Get your new server from Source Tech

Considering an upgrade? Speak to the experts at SourceTech Systems to get guidance on a new server that will step up your operations. For over 20 years, we have stocked and sold top server brands, such as Dell, HP and Oracle/Sun. Our helpful customer service and expert guidance will ensure that your new server meets your requirements and your budget.

New Servers

As a business grows and its need for additional resources increases, a new server is an inevitability. Logistics experts recommend replacing hardware every few years to keep up with improvements in the industry and maintain adequate network performance. That may sound like a lot of hardware turnover, but consider the extreme wear put on such hardware. The company’s network must be up every hour of every day, which means maintaining a constant electrical flow and dealing with temperature swings, humidity, dust, and other hazards. Even if the hardware is kept in a clean room, it’s unreasonable to expect more than a few years of strong performance from something that works non-stop. And, of course, the upside to frequent replacement is that the business will be able to grow faster and maintain excellent efficiency.

When should a company consider getting a new server, and what are the benefits?

At first, a small startup might get by with just a few desktops and deal with the hassle of transferring data and accessing resources through inefficient means. For a small company, that might be the most cost effective option. Once a business has grown to more than just a few workspaces, though, a network will be necessary, and not just a faux network controlled by a desktop running ersatz server software. Desktops are not engineered for sharing and directing resources to multiple computers, and are extremely inefficient at doing so. And because they do not offer much in the way of backend control, using a desktop to control a network will put the company at risk of data loss, malware, and slow speeds.

So, a new server will eventually be needed for a business that is growing quickly, or outgrowing its current infrastructure. In either case, there are clear benefits to bringing in fresh hardware.

A state of the art system will offer greater processing speeds, memory storage, and memory access speeds. This raw power boost will allow for quicker file transfers and resource sharing, which are essential to the business’s smooth running. Perhaps more importantly, though, is improved reliability. Any business that has experienced downtime knows how risky it is relying on spotty hardware. If the brains of the operation go dark even for a couple of hours, it can sabotage workflow and result in the company paying for unused labor.

With a new server also comes improved power usage and backup, so the system can do more with less power than before. That can add up to significant cost savings. And with improved data backup and fault protection capabilities, a business will never be put in a spot where their precious resources are unrecoverable. Improved operating software is also configured for current hardware, and it will allow the company’s IT professionals to do more with the system. And finally, with new hardware comes a warranty, so if something does fail, the business will be protected.

There are strong reasons for setting up a new server when the time comes, and a business owner will realize they made the right decision the moment it’s switched on.