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New & Used Server Info

Though there are some significant differences between new servers, a refurbished server and used servers, they can all provide a perfect solution for a company that needs to expand its network resources. Upgrading network hardware is something that every business needs to do regularly, as it ensures the business can continue to grow and integrate the best software into its production environment. However, company owners and department heads can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to them. That’s where a reputable seller can really help the process along.

What option is best for a business?

Every company has its own set of needs and its own challenges. Some businesses need to hold to a tight budget, while others need something that will expand with the company. Configuring a system for a business is a complicated affair, as many factors have to be considered, but an expert like SourceTech Systems, Inc. can provide the needed insight. These are a few options that SourceTech can offer a business:

  • New servers – Current generation hardware is typically going to be the fastest option available to a business, and purchasing current generation equipment means a business can expect extended technical support from the manufacturer. With greater processing speeds, additional RAM, greater storage, and the best reliability and error fail-safes, current generation hardware is ideal for a business that has the budget to handle the purchase.
  • Refurbished server – Reconditioned hardware offers a strong middle ground, as this equipment is sold “like new.” This hardware is previously owned, but it is thoroughly tested by the seller and outfitted with updated components where necessary. It is also cleaned out and the firmware updated to current iterations. In most cases, a business owner won’t even be able to tell the difference between this hardware and current generation equipment. That’s because it offers comparable RAM and processing speeds, and the margin between this hardware and current generation hardware is razor thin for many businesses. Reconditioned equipment often comes with a manufacturer warranty and is eligible for an original equipment manufacturer maintenance plan, ensuring an extended lifespan.
  • Used servers – Previously owned hardware is much less expensive, and as long as a company is buying from a reputable seller, the expected hit in performance may not be all that significant. This hardware is typically sold “as-is,” which keeps costs lower, but a buyer will need to make sure that the state of the hardware is acceptable for their needs. This usually isn’t a problem with a reputable seller, who will also test the equipment to ensure it is still functioning at an acceptable level. And the cost savings can be massive, with as much as a 90 percent discount available in some circumstances.

Whether a business chooses new servers, a refurbished server or used servers, SourceTech can provide a targeted solution. That means picking hardware configurations that take the company’s current and future needs into account. And SourceTech works diligently to provide ongoing support for a company, so a business owner doesn’t have to worry about the quality of the hardware, or its reliability.

Used Computers Offer An Affordable Solution For Companies

When a company opts for used computers, they aren’t opting for inferior or unreliable technology. With a reputable refurbishment professional, it’s just the opposite. PCs need to be replaced regularly, and especially when an office is full of commodity machines. Basic, standard issue PCs outlive their usefulness rather quickly, even though they are only intended for general office tasks. However, a company doesn’t have to keep repeating the cycle with lesser hardware, as a refurbishment expert can often provide better components at a lesser price, extending the useful life of the system.

Used computers are a popular choice for companies all over the Houston area. Businesses in nearly any sector can benefit from upgraded PCs – especially offices that need their employees to work as efficiently as possible. One of the most common complaints among office workers is that they are given PCs that do not perform like they should. A refurbishment expert can reverse this problem, offering powerful machines at a greatly reduced cost. Discounts of aftermarket components are often extremely high, and may reach over 50 percent. That means more PCs or better PCs, giving businesses a lot of flexibility in upgrading their operations.

And with a refurbishment expert, companies can customize their new machines and get exactly the performance they need, at a cost they can work with.