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Your Old Computers and IT Equipment May Be Worth More than You Think

Published: December 28, 2017

When it comes time to upgrade your computer, you'll be happy to know that you may have a valuable asset that can help offset the cost: your old equipment! Many people view old PCs, monitors and related equipment as destined for the landfill or, at best, as items to be given away for free. If you happen to share this view, the experts at SourceTech beg to differ.

Many older pieces of equipment, such as: Dell PowerEdge Servers, HP Proliant servers or Dell/EMC storage devices can still have trade-in market value. Developers can use old servers for testing and development. Other uses are repurposing servers as storage devices or firewalls.

The market for rare and vintage computer equipment is thriving, but even seemingly standard equipment may have significant resale value as the online market for pre-owned technology continues to expand. Computers, mobile devices and even peripherals often spawn niche markets once they go out of stock, with prices increasing as supply levels dwindle.

According to the The Wall Street Journal, "Old computers... are becoming hot collectibles." An article titled "How Much Is That PC in the Attic" states that there is "a vibrant market now for anything from full computer systems to vintage console games and even magazines, and prices are rising by the year."

Just note before selling your old devices it's a good idea to wipe the drive clean, using a drive erasing tool. Here's more information on how to securely erase your hard drive:

To properly ascertain the value of your old equipment, nothing beats an expert assessment. So, before you dispose of your outdated IT equipment, or trade it in for scrap, speak to the experts at SourceTech. Simply contact us or call 800-932-065 with the manufacturer and model numbers and we'll tell you what your equipment is truly worth. You may be pleasantly surprised!