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The Environmental Benefits of E-Waste Recycling

Improper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) can have serious consequences for the environment. Yet, most businesses are unaware and send their old computers, monitors, printers and other electronic devices to be placed in landfills or incinerated. In fact, according to the EPA, only 12.5% of worldwide e-waste is recycled.

Why Businesses Need responsible e-waste recycling

e-waste recycling is a viable “green” solution to eliminate the harmful effects of e-waste disposal that will protect your company from costly EPA fines and penalties, and most importantly help the environment.

According to the EPA, The United States produces more e-waste annually than any other country. In fact, Americans throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics each year. This means more chemicals and metals, such as lead are seeping into our ground and harming our natural resources. This is a global issue that can be solved if each business does its’ part.

Not all e-waste recyclers are the same

There are responsible ways to recycle e-waste, and then there are companies that simply export the waste to other countries. Rather than monitoring the recycling of the e-waste in these developing countries, many businesses have residents disassemble waste and use scrap metal, exposing the workers to toxic materials. That’s why it’s paramount to partner with an e-waste recycling company that has been vetted through e-stewards.org.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our recycling partners are e-Stewards certified e-recyclers that adhere to a strict no landfill and no export policies. To learn more about e-waste recycling for your business, simply contact us or call 800-932-0657 with information on your inventory of products. We’ll promptly respond with an estimate for the value of your e-waste. If you decide to proceed we’ll arrange shipping of your equipment and provide you with an auditable report that your data was destructed. The process is simple and you’ll be helping the environment!

Benefits Of Choosing A Server That’s Refurbished

A server that is refurbished is not a defunct, unreliable piece of equipment. In fact, a lot of used hardware is like new, or near it, as companies are constantly upgrading incrementally, and selling off equipment that is only a year or two old.This represents a major opportunity for companies looking to upgrade on a budget, as they can find perfectly functional hardware at a fraction of the price that is normally attached to new equipment. And with a trusted hardware expert providing guidance throughout the selection and installation process, a business can pick out the hardware that fits their needs best.

What are the benefits of purchasing a server that is refurbished?

Used hardware is a much more pragmatic solution for most businesses, and especially those operating on a tight budget. While new equipment will always be more powerful, companies pay a premium for keeping up with the newest hardware on the market. In only a few years, that new piece of equipment will be discounted heavily, and even more so if it is used. In some cases, a company might be able to find a piece of equipment discounted 50 percent or more off its new market value, making it much easier to fill out a datacenter or save money for other initiatives.

It’s not just about cost, either, as a server that is refurbished offers peace of mind that new equipment doesn’t. That’s because used hardware is configured to the company’s needs prior to installation. Business managers are typically reluctant to switch over to new software or spend a lot of time readying hardware for a business’s production environment, and understandably so. That’s a lot of IT hours that could be spent elsewhere, so being able to use the equipment as soon as it has been installed will save time and money.

And by sticking to new hardware every generation, it forces a company to constantly adapt their own processes to current generation hardware. This may not be considered a problem by some IT managers, but there may be a feature in a new generation that is unnecessary or unwanted. It can be frustrating to work around unwanted features, and may interfere with how an administrator prefers to do their job.

A server that has been refurbished by a trusted expert means that a great deal of time has been spent analyzing and assessing the equipment’s status. They have cleaned out all debris and flushed out all leftover data, ensuring that what the company gets is a piece of equipment that is indistinguishable from a new model. And a technical expert can provide continued support if there are any difficulties, so choosing used is truly a safe, effective decision in any situation.

Why Companies Should Opt Towards Refurbished Servers For Sale

There are plenty of refurbished servers for sale, and they can make network infrastructure upgrades much easier to manage. Some company managers may be reluctant to focus on used hardware when it comes to important equipment, but with a reputable expert, there’s no risk involved. And this isn’t inferior hardware, either, as all of the major brands and models are available in a used form. That includes Dell, HP, Cisco and Sun, and respected models in the Proliant, PowerEdge and SPARC product lines. In short, a company doesn’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing used equipment, and the benefits clearly make it worth it.

What are the benefits of choosing refurbished servers for sale?

The single biggest reason why companies opt for used hardware is to keep a budget in the black. Used hardware is much less expensive compared to a new model – sometimes up to 50, 70 or even 90 percent less in some cases. This can mean a savings of hundreds or thousands per unit. So, if a business needs to fill out their datacenter in a hurry, used equipment can offer massive savings.

It may seem unintuitive, but used hardware is often more reliable than a new system because it has been thoroughly checked over. Reputable equipment dealers open up the hardware for a close look, testing all of the system’s components to ensure they are up to par. This process involves a complete cleaning, so a company knows that by the time they receive the equipment, it has gone through a meticulous inspection.

A dealer can also set up any of its refurbished servers for sale, so that a business gets a customized solution rather than a standard issue product. This includes hardware and software options. For example, if a business needs to retain a lot of data for its purposes, a dealer can add extra memory and hard drives to the hardware to make it more robust. And to save the company time, a dealer can preinstall most software a business would require, so the equipment will be a viable addition to the network right away.

What are some popular refurbished servers that are for sale?

The two top brands in the used equipment market are Dell’s PowerEdge and HP’s Proliant systems. The PowerEdge and Proliant are both available in tower, rack and blade builds, so they can meet any company’s datacenter needs. The PowerEdge R620, R720 and R820, for example, are all viable rack models that are just a generation behind. So while they don’t provide the very top level of performance that new equipment does, they offer more than enough for most applications.

And at an economical price point, that makes used hardware a creative, effective choice for any business, from small to enterprise.


HP Refurbished Server’s Can Be An Ideal Solution To Your Server Needs

HP refurbished servers are some of the most respected pieces of equipment on the market. Whether a company is in the market for Proliant or Integrity hardware, or for the venerated 9000 line, a reputable dealer can provide an ideal solution. For businesses of any size, selecting the right hardware can be a difficult task, but it’s often tougher for a small company that doesn’t have IT experts on hand. That’s why it is so important to partner with a dealer that the company can trust. Such a relationship is extremely valuable, as a reputable dealer can save a company a lot of money with the right hardware choice.

What are some of the more popular HP refurbished servers available?

The HP Proliant is the most popular x86 hardware choice year after year, and its many accolades suggest how reliable and powerful the line is. The Proliant line is well-supported and is constantly added to, so there are a number of previous generation options for companies.

A few of the best options include the DL360 G6, G7 and G8, and the DL380 G6, G7 and G8. The DL series is the Proliant’s rackmount option and is designed to be implemented quickly into business environments. The DL series is ideal for a variety of applications, including database, e-mail, virtualization, and messaging. Finally, the DL series can be heavily consolidated, reducing both power and cooling requirements.

The Proliant series is also available in a blade format, and HP refurnished blade servers are a viable option for companies of all sizes. They are particularly useful for enterprise applications, where performance density is a significant concern. The BL460 G6 and G7, BL 465 G7 and BL490 G6 and G7 are strong Proliant blade models and are found in corporations around the world. For example, the BL490 G6 comes with a six-core Xeon 5675 processor and up to 288 GB of memory. That alone is significant, but for companies that need a lot of punch, 16 Proliant blades can be placed inside the company’s BladeSystem enclosure. Not only is that an impressive level of performance, it is an impressive level of scalability. As the company’s networking needs grow, more blades can be added to the enclosure, so a company can establish a space for their datacenter and know that it will last for many years.

For companies that prefer a Unix or Linux operating system, the Integrity line of hardware is the right choice, as it is made with Itanium processors instead of Intel or AMD processors.

Why should businesses consider HP refurbished servers instead of new models?

Used hardware can offer a lot more value than a comparable new system, and that can be a major benefit to businesses that need to adhere to a tight budget. Used hardware can be made like-new by a reputable dealer and will be customized to fit the client’s environment. Most importantly, though, is that HP refurbished servers can be had for much less than new models, and with no tradeoff in performance. Most companies can get by just fine with used hardware, and with the excellent cost savings that it offers, it is the clear choice for many businesses.

Refurbished Servers

There is a clear reason why so many companies are choosing refurbished servers for their IT needs. That reason is cost, as companies are always looking for ways to trim their IT budget. As businesses recover from recent economic downturns, that may change, but for now, the market for this technology is thriving. However, just because a business needs to settle for budget hardware doesn’t mean they need to settle for less functionality. In reality, systems that are just a generation or two behind can meet all of a company’s needs, especially if the business is smaller or doesn’t rely heavily on its network.

What is the difference between new, used and refurbished servers?

There is a subtle, but important distinction between hardware that is labeled “used,” and refurbished servers. While used hardware is typically sold “as-is,” hardware that has been reconditioned is sold “like new,” and generally offers the same reliability and performance as a new model. Reconditioned components are brought back to factory settings, so the hardware can act like a blank slate for the new owner. This hardware is also roundly tested before it is sold to a company and checked for any issues that might not be immediately obvious. Reputable sellers will typically include the manufacturer warranty, which provides a layer of protection for the buyer, and such hardware will usually be eligible for support and maintenance through the original manufacturer or a trusted third party. Finally, a reputable seller will ensure the buyer has recourse should a problem arise, which ensures the purchasing company isn’t stuck with a sub-par piece of equipment.

Unsurprisingly, new hardware tends to be slightly faster, but it’s often more than the business needs. Companies that only have a handful of desktops to manage don’t need the best of the best every time an upgrade is made. Refurbished servers that are a generation or so behind will typically provide everything a business needs, but at a much lower cost.

However, it is essential that a company find a reputable seller that they can trust, and one that has been around for a while. After purchase, the firmware and OS will need to be updated regularly, and technical issues may arise. Some sellers are happy to provide ongoing support after purchase, and this can save valuable time and money. And choosing a reputable seller helps ensure that the business will still be around should something go wrong.

Fortunately, such instances are rare, and most dealers are willing to consult with a business and help them determine their needs.