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Benefits Of Choosing A Server That’s Refurbished

Updated: March 13, 2017

A server that is refurbished is not a defunct, unreliable piece of equipment. In fact, a lot of used hardware is like new, or near it, as companies are constantly upgrading incrementally, and selling off equipment that is only a year or two old.This represents a major opportunity for companies looking to upgrade on a budget, as they can find perfectly functional hardware at a fraction of the price that is normally attached to new equipment. And with a trusted hardware expert providing guidance throughout the selection and installation process, a business can pick out the hardware that fits their needs best.

What are the benefits of purchasing a server that is refurbished?

Used hardware is a much more pragmatic solution for most businesses, and especially those operating on a tight budget. While new equipment will always be more powerful, companies pay a premium for keeping up with the newest hardware on the market. In only a few years, that new piece of equipment will be discounted heavily, and even more so if it is used. In some cases, a company might be able to find a piece of equipment discounted 50 percent or more off its new market value, making it much easier to fill out a datacenter or save money for other initiatives.

It’s not just about cost, either, as a server that is refurbished offers peace of mind that new equipment doesn’t. That’s because used hardware is configured to the company’s needs prior to installation. Business managers are typically reluctant to switch over to new software or spend a lot of time readying hardware for a business’s production environment, and understandably so. That’s a lot of IT hours that could be spent elsewhere, so being able to use the equipment as soon as it has been installed will save time and money.

And by sticking to new hardware every generation, it forces a company to constantly adapt their own processes to current generation hardware. This may not be considered a problem by some IT managers, but there may be a feature in a new generation that is unnecessary or unwanted. It can be frustrating to work around unwanted features, and may interfere with how an administrator prefers to do their job.

A server that has been refurbished by a trusted expert means that a great deal of time has been spent analyzing and assessing the equipment’s status. They have cleaned out all debris and flushed out all leftover data, ensuring that what the company gets is a piece of equipment that is indistinguishable from a new model. And a technical expert can provide continued support if there are any difficulties, so choosing used is truly a safe, effective decision in any situation.