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The Dell PowerEdge line of servers are industry favorites and among the most effective at managing data center workloads. These servers combine excellent memory capacity, superior application performance, and data security to keep your everyday business functions running smoothly.

Dell PowerEdge servers are designed to deliver high performance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from basic office tasks to resource-intensive workloads.The servers incorporate the latest technologies, including powerful processors, high-speed memory, and advanced storage options, to ensure optimal performance.

The PowerEdge line offers a scalable architecture, allowing businesses to start with a configuration that meets their current needs and easily scale up as their requirements grow, modular designs and expansion slots enable users to add more storage, memory, or processing power without needing a complete server replacement.

Dell PowerEdge servers are known for their robust build quality and reliability, minimizing the risk of hardware failures and downtime, redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and hot-swappable components contribute to high availability, ensuring that the server remains operational even if a component fails.

Specs Comparison

Product Image
Form FactorHalf-height blade with up to 16 nodes in a 10U M1000e chassis; up to four nodes in a VRTX chassisHalf-height form factor. Up to 16 half-height Dell M640 server nodes can be installed.
DimensionsH: 197.9 mm (7.79 in), W: 50.35 mm (1.98 in), D: 564.9 mm (22.2 in)D: 544.32 mm x W: 50.35 mm x H: 197.9 mm (Handle push in)
D: 564.87 mm x W :50.35 mm x H: 197.9 mm (Handle pull out)
ProcessorsUp to 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v4 product familyUp to two Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
MemoryUp to 1.5TB (24 DIMM slots) DDR4 up to 2400MT/sUp to 2TB (16 DDR DIMM slots) up to 2666MT/s
Drive Bays/StoragePowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD, SATA HDD/SSD or SAS HDD/SSD 4 x 1.8" SSD. 2 x 2.5" PCIe SSDsFront: Up to 2 x 2.5” SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD), NVMe SSD, max 12.8 TB
I/O Slots2 x PCIe 3.0 (x8) mezzanine cardsNetwork daughter card options
2 x 10GE + 4 X 1GE, 4 x 10GE
RAID ControllersPERC S130 (SW RAID), PERC H330, PERC H730, PERC H730P Software RAID S140, PERC9 H330, H730P
Operating SystemsMicrosoft® Windows Server® 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
VMware® ESXiTM
Canonical® Ubuntu® LTS
Citrix® XenServer®
Microsoft Windows Server® with Hyper-V
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
VMware® ESXi
Systems ManagementDell OpenManage Essentials Dell
OpenManage Mobile
Dell OpenManage Power Center
OpenManage Enterprise
OpenManage Essentials
OpenManage Mobile
OpenManage Power Center
Remote ManagementiDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller
iDRAC8 Express
iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller
iDRAC Direct
iDRAC REST API with Redfish
Chassis Management Controller (CMC)
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Optimizing Application Performance

Delivering best-in-class performance, choice and reliability on AMD Opteron™, Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Itanium® processors for Windows, Linux, Solaris, OpenVMS, or HP-UX based servers; the HPE portfolio of server blades supports a variety of application requirements for scale-out architectures. Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers one-, two-, four- and eight -processor server blades, with the widest range of performance, and form factors.

The Dell M630 is an ultra-efficient blade server with up to 44 cores of Intel processing power and 24 DIMMs of DDR4 memory in a dense, easy-to-manage platform ideal for data center workloads.

the M630 offers exceptional scalability in environments ranging from IT as a service (XaaS) providers and private clouds to remote and branch offices.

The M630 provides flexibility to optimize in-server storage and I/O performance, allowing you to tailor your servers to your workloads today and tomorrow. With drive options from 2 x 2.5″ HDDs or Express Flash PCIe SSDs to up to 4 x 1.8″ SSDs, it’s easy to configure in-server storage to meet your needs.

Automation of Core Functions

On the M630 servers, the Dell OpenManage platform makes it possible for this line of servers to automate routine and everyday tasks. It combines intelligent processing, agent-free management, and sync capabilities to offer flexible control from multiple devices. In addition, the server comes equipped with the new OpenManage Enterprise control that offers customized reporting.

The PowerEdge M640 also comes equipped with the Dell OpenManage portfolio. On this server, the automation capabilities of OpenManage end up freeing plenty of space and time for other more tasking projects on the server.

Data Security

The Dell PowerEdge servers are built with security at the core of their life cycle. The Dell M640 is able to leverage key security features that enhance protection and the delivery of accurate data to your customers. These features include an integrated secure boot along with cryptographically singed firmware packages, a server lock-down feature that prevents unauthorized or malicious changes, and a secure component supply chain that provides data protection from the factory to the data center.

Because these security standards are built into every Dell PowerEdge server, the M640 contains much the same security features as the M630. However, with the M640 being a workload powerhouse, the data safety via secure boot and the prevention of unauthorized access are even more critical. The server is also equipped with the Quick Sync 2 feature for safe and reliable wireless management of data. Combined with advanced memory capabilities, the M640 can handle taxing workloads without the user worrying about data security.

Wrap Up

When choosing between these two top-end servers, your decision may ultimately come down to balancing between performance and budget. At Source Tech, we stock both the Dell PowerEdge M630 and M640 servers. We have been specializing in servers for over 20 years and we can help you make the right choice for your business.