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Super-computing is now possible with HP / HPE Gen10 Servers

Published: September 15, 2017

Businesses in data-heavy industries such as medical, science, energy, engineering and government constantly face the challenge of processing large amounts of data in the shortest time possible. Data needs to be moved around quickly and in a cost-effective manner in order to facilitate data analysis and to solve data problems. These challenges call for more efficient and powerful machines that are backed by a scalable infrastructure.

Super-computing is a solution that enables the analysis of data that would otherwise be too time-consuming and costly to analyze with standard computers. High-performance computing (HPC) technologies can enable users to overcome barriers to super-computing. These technologies facilitate and empower innovation at many different scales, enabling you to achieve the differentiation of your business, promote research, and find answers to problems in real time.

HP / HPE Gen 10 Servers facilitate Super-computing

HP / HPE Gen10 servers are designed to achieve high-performance computing through more efficient systems architecture, energy efficiency, size, and cost. The engineering and design of these servers are made with the goal of facilitating the future state of super-computing.

HP / HPE ProLiant DL360 and 380 Gen10 servers are workhorses for dense, general computing. They are dedicated for increased performance and memory expandability, making them a reliable solution for space-constrained workloads. SourceTech carries both the HP ProLiant DL360 G10 and HP ProLiant DL380 G10 servers, in stock and ready to ship to you in 1-2 business days.

HP servers enable businesses to focus compute resources towards resolving data analytics problems. They make this possible without the need for a full-scale supercomputer, thereby significantly reducing costs.

HP Gen10 servers deliver agility, economic control, and security in order to digitally transform the business. IT teams find that the HPC solutions offered by HP Gen 10 servers are ideal for super-computing in the following ways:


The need for agility lies at the heart of the IT operations of any business. IT departments need to constantly adjust CPU capacity up or down in response to automation and application deployment.

HP Gen10 servers can quickly scale up while keeping a persistent memory that is expandable to terabyte capacity. This makes automation and application deployment much easier to achieve when working with HPC.

Increased IT Security

IT security is always a primary concern among businesses. HP Gen10 servers cater to security needs by incorporating a silicon fingerprint. The fingerprint technology prevents the server from booting if an incompatible fingerprint is used to attempt access.

HP Gen10 servers also verify server security every time they boot. Any detected tampering to the firmware will trigger a rollback of the firmware to its original state. This security feature gives users peace of mind, knowing that the state of their firmware is always adequately secured.

Economic Control

HP Gen10 servers enable businesses to cut on operational costs and maximize on available resources. The servers maintain flexible capacity options and a consumption-based IT approach that allows businesses to pay only for the resources that they consume. There are also options for buffer resources, making it very convenient for users to scale up and down as necessary.

Efficiency and economic control can also be increased through leveraging capacity management and using tracking tools. Tracking tools are effective at preventing compute resources from being oversupplied.

Transform Your Business to Achieve

As businesses seek to equip their infrastructure to achieve super-computing capabilities, HP Gen10 servers enable the acceleration of this transformation. The servers provide an optimal mix of IT environments in order to facilitate the development of HPC IT infrastructure. This enables HP / HPE servers to create and promote superior super-computing experiences.

In a nutshell, HP / HPE Gen10 servers are the ultimate solution for discovering insights and trends into otherwise impenetrable information through super-computing. At SourceTech, we stock high quality and reliable Gen10 servers to cater towards your super-computing requirements. Speak to the experts at SourceTech Systems for all your server needs.