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Used Dell R620 Servers Stand the Test of Time

Originally released in 2012, the Dell PowerEdge R620 is a rock-solid server engineered with the perfect combination of features and performance to handle tough workloads. Whether your business is enterprise-level business or a smaller data center, a refurbished Dell R620 is a great choice.

What are the technical specifications on the PowerEdge R620?

The PowerEdge R620 offers powerful computing in a small package. It’s a dual-socket server with a large capacity for memory and depending on the configuration, you can fit 8 or 10, 2.5" hard drives. These benefits make the R620 or ideal for applications or virtualized environments.

With its hyper-dense memory and Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors, the R620 also shines when handling high performance computing (HPC), and workgroup collaboration applications.

The R620 keeps your data center running with ultra-reliability with (RAS) features like hot-pluggable fans, disks, power-supply units (PSUs) and even redundant failsafe hypervisors. Plus, network features such as I/O performance, allow you to customize your network to match your application needs. Dell Select Network Adapters and flexible NIC technology, let you choose the right network configuration without using up a valuable PCI slot.

The PowerEdge R620 has been one of Dell’s most popular servers for a reason. It’s a rock-solid addition to any datacenter and an ideal option for companies looking for the cost-savings of a refurbished Dell server. And if you like the PowerEdge line of servers, but need greater performance, then checkout the 620’s big brother – the PowerEdge R720.

Sun / Oracle Sparc T4-1 and T5-2 Servers

The Oracle SPARC T4-1 and Oracle SPARC T5-2 servers are designed to offer cost and performance options with similar functionality. Both offer virtualization features, allowing provisioning of server resources on an as-needed basis. Hardware-based encryption technology on both lets software focus on performance. While both work hard as rack-mounted Oracle servers, the T4-1, with a single-threaded processor, provides basic compute power for everyday server needs in a 2U rack space, while the T5-2 offers scalability up to 32 cores in two T5 processors for a powerful, 3U datacenter server. Both include Oracle Solaris.

Oracle T5-2 Specifications

T5-2 servers can be combined in high density and managed locally or remotely using Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager. The T5-2 hardware is designed for mission critical application use, with high-level RAS features in a mid-range server such as hot-swappable power supplies, hot-pluggable disk drives (up to six), and environmental monitoring. Space for two SPARC T5 processors (upgradeable from one) provides 16 cores and 16 memory slots per processor for a maximum of 1TB memory. It includes eight PCIe slots and four 10GbE XAUI ports.

Oracle T4-1 Specifications

An ideal web or application development server, the single-processor T4-1 server provides Oracle Solaris with virtualization in a compact package. Memory capacity with 16 slots is 512GB, and the chassis includes room for eight hard drives or solid state disks, flash memory space for focused I/O performance, and 6 PCIe slots. It comes with four 1GbE XAUI ports and up to two at 10Gb.

New or Refurbished Oracle Servers prove to be a sound investment and for organizations both large and small, and the T5-2 and T4-1 are two of the best. Simply put, these servers, whether new or refurbished, are top quality, highly reliable and get the job done.

For more information on Oracle / Sun servers or to receive a quote, speak to the experts at SourceTech Systems today.

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 Server Review

If you’re a small to medium sized business looking for a high performance server, look no further. The 8th generation HP DL380 released in 2012, features unmatched performance and enhanced configurations, making it one the most impressive servers in the ProLiant line. And if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, a used or refurbished ProLiant DL380G8 is an excellent choice.

What are the specifications for the HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8?

The server we tested, boasted an Intel Xeon E5-2690 (2.9 GHz)—with a total of 8 cores of processing power. It’s also upgradeable to dual processors (16 cores). RAM starts at 128GB with a maximum of 768 GB (24 x 32GB LRDIMM @1066MHz). The configuration we tested was one of the fastest servers we’ve ever run – and even the lower-cost configurations can handle demanding server requests or house multiple virtual servers.

The design is a 2U rack mount server, slightly bigger than the Dell PowerEdge R420. Disks are configured in 2 logical drives with RAID 5. The server has 4 GB Ethernet ports, 6 expansion ports, 6 USB ports with dual power supplies.

In this day and age, storage is always a concern. But rest assured, the DL380 G8 offers eight 300GB 6G SAS 10K rpm SFF hot plug, 2.5-inch disks. Plus, the new SmartDrive features tray carriers that allow double the storage of the previous ProLiant models.

If you are looking for a small business server that handles the most demanding requests and offers flexible configurations – the HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 server is a winner. Speak to the experts at SourceTech and contact us for more information.