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Used Dell R620 Servers Stand the Test of Time

Published: October 20, 2016

Originally released in 2012, the Dell PowerEdge R620 is a rock-solid server engineered with the perfect combination of features and performance to handle tough workloads. Whether your business is enterprise-level business or a smaller data center, a refurbished Dell R620 is a great choice.

What are the technical specifications on the PowerEdge R620?

The PowerEdge R620 offers powerful computing in a small package. It's a dual-socket server with a large capacity for memory and depending on the configuration, you can fit 8 or 10, 2.5" hard drives. These benefits make the R620 or ideal for applications or virtualized environments.

With its hyper-dense memory and Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors, the R620 also shines when handling high performance computing (HPC), and workgroup collaboration applications.

The R620 keeps your data center running with ultra-reliability with (RAS) features like hot-pluggable fans, disks, power-supply units (PSUs) and even redundant failsafe hypervisors. Plus, network features such as I/O performance, allow you to customize your network to match your application needs. Dell Select Network Adapters and flexible NIC technology, let you choose the right network configuration without using up a valuable PCI slot.

The PowerEdge R620 has been one of Dell's most popular servers for a reason. It's a rock-solid addition to any datacenter and an ideal option for companies looking for the cost-savings of a refurbished Dell server. And if you like the PowerEdge line of servers, but need greater performance, then checkout the 620's big brother - the PowerEdge R720.