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Sun / Oracle Sparc T4-1 and T5-2 Servers

Updated: June 12, 2021

The Oracle SPARC T4-1 and Oracle SPARC T5-2 servers are designed to offer cost and performance options with similar functionality. Both offer virtualization features, allowing provisioning of server resources on an as-needed basis. Hardware-based encryption technology on both lets software focus on performance. While both work hard as rack-mounted Oracle servers, the T4-1, with a single-threaded processor, provides basic compute power for everyday server needs in a 2U rack space, while the T5-2 offers scalability up to 32 cores in two T5 processors for a powerful, 3U datacenter server. Both include Oracle Solaris.

Oracle T5-2 Specifications

T5-2 servers can be combined in high density and managed locally or remotely using Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager. The T5-2 hardware is designed for mission critical application use, with high-level RAS features in a mid-range server such as hot-swappable power supplies, hot-pluggable disk drives (up to six), and environmental monitoring. Space for two SPARC T5 processors (upgradeable from one) provides 16 cores and 16 memory slots per processor for a maximum of 1TB memory. It includes eight PCIe slots and four 10GbE XAUI ports.

Oracle T4-1 Specifications

An ideal web or application development server, the single-processor T4-1 server provides Oracle Solaris with virtualization in a compact package. Memory capacity with 16 slots is 512GB, and the chassis includes room for eight hard drives or solid state disks, flash memory space for focused I/O performance, and 6 PCIe slots. It comes with four 1GbE XAUI ports and up to two at 10Gb. New or Refurbished Oracle Servers prove to be a sound investment and for organizations both large and small, and the T5-2 and T4-1 are two of the best. Simply put, these servers, whether new or refurbished, are top quality, highly reliable and get the job done. For more information on Oracle / Sun servers or to receive a quote, speak to the experts at SourceTech Systems today.