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Why Companies Should Opt Towards Refurbished Servers For Sale

Updated: October 11, 2016

There are plenty of refurbished servers for sale, and they can make network infrastructure upgrades much easier to manage. Some company managers may be reluctant to focus on used hardware when it comes to important equipment, but with a reputable expert, there’s no risk involved. And this isn’t inferior hardware, either, as all of the major brands and models are available in a used form. That includes Dell, HP, Cisco and Sun, and respected models in the Proliant, PowerEdge and SPARC product lines. In short, a company doesn’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing used equipment, and the benefits clearly make it worth it.

What are the benefits of choosing refurbished servers for sale?

The single biggest reason why companies opt for used hardware is to keep a budget in the black. Used hardware is much less expensive compared to a new model – sometimes up to 50, 70 or even 90 percent less in some cases. This can mean a savings of hundreds or thousands per unit. So, if a business needs to fill out their datacenter in a hurry, used equipment can offer massive savings.

It may seem unintuitive, but used hardware is often more reliable than a new system because it has been thoroughly checked over. Reputable equipment dealers open up the hardware for a close look, testing all of the system’s components to ensure they are up to par. This process involves a complete cleaning, so a company knows that by the time they receive the equipment, it has gone through a meticulous inspection.

A dealer can also set up any of its refurbished servers for sale, so that a business gets a customized solution rather than a standard issue product. This includes hardware and software options. For example, if a business needs to retain a lot of data for its purposes, a dealer can add extra memory and hard drives to the hardware to make it more robust. And to save the company time, a dealer can preinstall most software a business would require, so the equipment will be a viable addition to the network right away.

What are some popular refurbished servers that are for sale?

The two top brands in the used equipment market are Dell’s PowerEdge and HP’s Proliant systems. The PowerEdge and Proliant are both available in tower, rack and blade builds, so they can meet any company’s datacenter needs. The PowerEdge R620, R720 and R820, for example, are all viable rack models that are just a generation behind. So while they don’t provide the very top level of performance that new equipment does, they offer more than enough for most applications.

And at an economical price point, that makes used hardware a creative, effective choice for any business, from small to enterprise.