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What Does The Win Server Offer Businesses?

The Win server family of products has been developed steadily over the years, and now encompasses many systems. Although Microsoft doesn’t have much of a presence in the hardware market, it has built dozens of software systems that can give a company excellent flexibility in how they manage their operations and network. And many of these products interact with other Microsoft products as well, which helps build a comprehensive production environment during every step of a project’s progress.

Some of the most popular Win server products include the Exchange system, which is a dedicated e-mail and collaboration product, the Project systems, which are designed for use with Microsoft Project, and SQL systems, which represent Microsoft’s database management software.

Microsoft also has a significant line of security products, wrapped under the Forefront brand. The Forefront is built around the Threat Management Gateway, which utilizes firewall, routing, virtual private network and web caching technology to secure production environments. The Forefront also enables added security for the Exchange and SharePoint systems as well.

Finally, Microsoft has built several pieces of software that make it easier for IT admins to monitor and maintain Microsoft systems. This is heralded by the System Center Advisor, which allows IT admins to configure a system through the web.

Microsoft’s products are ubiquitous and have been developed over many years. This gives them an edge in refinement, and they can fit into most corporate settings snuggly.