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HP BL460C Gen9 Server Review

Running as part of an integrated lights-out operation, teamed with other servers and managed by HPE’s OneView management software, or as a stand-alone virtualization server, the HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Server Blade brings updated HPE technology and Intel Xeon processor power to customers at an affordable price. 

ProLiant server blades are evolving to provide tuned performance options which allow purchasers to start with plenty of CPU horsepower. They then strategically add boot options, memory, persistent memory, and SSD or hard drive storage that complements the native processing power. High-speed access to high-volume storage options is also configurable to meet the virtualization, data handling, and shared access needs of small businesses and large-scale data warehouses and server farms. 

HPE provides integrated support for the StoreVirtual flexible storage model which works with Hyper-V or VMware running on the blade server. Between 4 and 22 cores, depending on blade model, are available in the choice of a single or dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 3.5 GHz chip configuration. A maximum of 55 MB L3 cache enhances throughput and performance. 

Sixteen memory slots accept new 128 GB DIMMS for 2TB maximum, either HP’s DDR4 Smartmemory or industry standard 3rd party memory. The blade includes space for two drives and several boot options including optional dual Micro SD, USB 3.0, and optional 64/128 GB M.2 support. Emerging options such as nonvolatile memory are also available. Both legacy and UEFI BIOS options allow versatile boot configurations. 

Embedded controller options provide a variety of storage fabric configurations including the Smart Array, Smart Host Bus Adapter, and Dynamic Smart Array controllers to allow the BL460c to move data at speeds (including 10GB or 20GB FlexFabric, persistent storage, and other options) commensurate with its processing power. SSD options allow up to 7x increase in random access data performance for key applications.  

Increases in memory, storage, and processing power are met with helpful decreases in power requirements and a much improved TCO over previous generations and the competition.  

Available with standard iLO lights out operation or optional BladeSystem Advanced system, OneView Advanced, or HP Insight Control, the server blade provides scalable technology that can be purchased as a commodity compute resource or custom configured for specific datacenter purposes. Hot-swappable fans and multiple enclosure-based power supplies provide the reliability required to keep uptime to a maximum, while monitoring software keeps operations personnel aware of any hardware concerns before they become an availability issue. 

HPE software-defined storage options and hyperconverged configurations make this ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Server Blade the basis for forward-looking facility buildouts, ready to handle any of the emerging datacenter paradigms with agility.

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