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The HP Gen9 Offers Businesses New Features And Benefits

The HP Proliant Gen9 servers combine the best of previous generation hardware and several new features to make it the most impressive iteration of the brand yet. Of course, though, it’s the significant performance boost that will draw IT personnel the most, and for good reason. Intel readied its newest version of its Xeon processors for current generation Proliants, and they are capable of supporting up to 18 processor cores for maximum punch. And the company’s top notch server management software has been tweaked further, giving administrators even more tools to handle their datacenter with efficiency.

Although the Proliant line has largely focused on its Density Line, or DL form factor, the HP Gen9 includes some blade server models as well. The DL is a rackmount build that offers a balance between density and performance, while blades offer extremely dense servers that need to be contained in a special enclosure. The enclosure does provide power and cooling, though, so it consolidates a datacenter into a smaller package.

The newest generation of Proliant hardware offers up to 1.5 TB of DDR4 RAM and with up to 18 processor cores, it’s a powerhouse of a server. And with upgrades to the line’s iLO software, server provisioning and VSA installation is easier than ever. For system admins that need more time to focus on other projects, that’s a welcome addition.

HP’s flagship sever line has long reigned supreme in the market, and this new generation will only cement its position further for the years to come.