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What Are The Differences Between A Blade Server And A Rack Mount Server?

Blade servers and a rack mount servers offer advantages and disadvantages. Both types of servers are extremely functional and perform well. Deciding between the two isn’t so much a matter of which one will get the job done, but more on the individual needs of a company. There are price differences, different physical space requirements, and different functions. Choosing the right type is crucial for a streamlined, cost-effective, data center. Enterprise and larger companies with extensive budgets and plenty of physical space can make better use of rack mounts. They are large and take up more real estate than blade servers, but they are scalable and are standard for most large-scale operations. If space is an issue, blade servers might be the better solution because they are more compact and require less room.

Long-term operating costs are a factor. For the most part, rack servers will need more power because of their size and the fact that they are more difficult to keep cool. However, the latest rack mount server technology from brands such as Dell are more energy efficient than their older versions. Blade servers are compact and require less power to operate, and have built-in fans for cooling, keeping costs down.

It is important for a firm to evaluate its needs thoroughly before making the choice. It is advisable to seek assistance from companies that specialize in providing server solutions, such as SourceTech, that can make recommendations and who carry top brands at excellent prices.