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Dell M620 Server Review

Advanced Memory Capabilities

The Dell PowerEdge M620 offers memory capabilities of up to 768GB of RAM which you can scale up. The server is powered by Intel’s powerful processors (the Xeon E5-2600 v1 or v2) along with Dell’s unique network adapter that provides you with powerful performance, and the ability to allocate your network throughput to match your application needs. It also provides internal storage options of up to 2.4TB with two 2.5” SAS hard drives.

The M620 server is designed for managing high-density virtual environments. Virtualization environments demand high memory capacity and the M620 was designed to specifically fit this purpose. Users running High-Performance Computing applications will find that this server will provide outstanding computational density and powerful processing capabilities.

Remote Access and Systems Integration

The Dell M620 is equipped with a remote access controller (the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 7- iDRAC7) which allows IT administrators to manage dell servers in physical, virtual, local and remote environments. This feature is available with or without a systems management software installed.

Through the iDRAC, one can integrate with leading third-party systems management solutions (such as Microsoft, VMware and BMC) all while maintaining a single point of control and capitalizing on existing systems management investments. Dell servers are able to achieve this remote access and integration through the systems management portfolio that it utilizes (Dell OpenManage). OpenManage simplifies the lifecycle of deploying, monitoring and maintaining Dell PowerEdge servers.

Power and Cooling Efficiency

The PowerEdge M-series servers from Dell allow you to combine the right features and performance scalability. The M620 achieves this through combining the capabilities of the Chassis Management Controller (CMC) of the Dell PowerEdge M1000e’s. The CMC allows M-series blades to be managed in different ways (individually, as groups, within a data center or in multiple geographical locations) without requiring additional hardware. Power and cooling efficiency in the M620 are also maximized by using blade enclosures that were used by the M1000e.

Therefore, by combining maximum power efficiency, performance, exceptional features and extreme density, the Dell M620 server achieves the capability of handling taxing workloads while providing excellent performance.

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