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What Is The Difference Between 2U Vs 4U Servers?

When assessing the merits of 2u vs 4u servers, it almost always comes down to performance density and expandability. Whenever a company needs to bring in additional hardware, there is rarely a general solution that every company should take advantage of. Instead, it’s essential that the business consider its current and future needs before picking a piece of equipment. A hardware expert can assist with the process, and ensure a company gets the proper form factor for their operations.

The primary difference between 2u vs 4u servers is one of density or expandability. 2u models are smaller and designed with superior performance density in mind, which is why they are typically installed in datacenters and for enterprise applications. If a company just needs as much power as possible in as small a space as possible, it usually makes sense to stick with smaller hardware. And even though smaller models don’t typically offer as much raw power as larger models, they are denser, so several small models can quickly ramp up performance.

Larger hardware is better for companies that need expandability, as they usually come with additional expansion slots and more room for hard drives. With extra slots, a business can plug in extra PCI-Express cards or other cards, and increase their data handling capabilities.

The decision comes down to what a business needs in the present and near future, but even settling on this can be difficult. That’s where a hardware expert can provide valuable insight and make the decision much easier to handle. SourceTech can help you pick the right server for your business. Contact us today!