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HP Refurbished Server’s Can Be An Ideal Solution To Your Server Needs

Updated: July 7, 2016

HP refurbished servers are some of the most respected pieces of equipment on the market. Whether a company is in the market for Proliant or Integrity hardware, or for the venerated 9000 line, a reputable dealer can provide an ideal solution. For businesses of any size, selecting the right hardware can be a difficult task, but it’s often tougher for a small company that doesn’t have IT experts on hand. That’s why it is so important to partner with a dealer that the company can trust. Such a relationship is extremely valuable, as a reputable dealer can save a company a lot of money with the right hardware choice.

What are some of the more popular HP refurbished servers available?

The HP Proliant is the most popular x86 hardware choice year after year, and its many accolades suggest how reliable and powerful the line is. The Proliant line is well-supported and is constantly added to, so there are a number of previous generation options for companies.

A few of the best options include the DL360 G6, G7 and G8, and the DL380 G6, G7 and G8. The DL series is the Proliant’s rackmount option and is designed to be implemented quickly into business environments. The DL series is ideal for a variety of applications, including database, e-mail, virtualization, and messaging. Finally, the DL series can be heavily consolidated, reducing both power and cooling requirements.

The Proliant series is also available in a blade format, and HP refurnished blade servers are a viable option for companies of all sizes. They are particularly useful for enterprise applications, where performance density is a significant concern. The BL460 G6 and G7, BL 465 G7 and BL490 G6 and G7 are strong Proliant blade models and are found in corporations around the world. For example, the BL490 G6 comes with a six-core Xeon 5675 processor and up to 288 GB of memory. That alone is significant, but for companies that need a lot of punch, 16 Proliant blades can be placed inside the company’s BladeSystem enclosure. Not only is that an impressive level of performance, it is an impressive level of scalability. As the company’s networking needs grow, more blades can be added to the enclosure, so a company can establish a space for their datacenter and know that it will last for many years.

For companies that prefer a Unix or Linux operating system, the Integrity line of hardware is the right choice, as it is made with Itanium processors instead of Intel or AMD processors.

Why should businesses consider HP refurbished servers instead of new models?

Used hardware can offer a lot more value than a comparable new system, and that can be a major benefit to businesses that need to adhere to a tight budget. Used hardware can be made like-new by a reputable dealer and will be customized to fit the client’s environment. Most importantly, though, is that HP refurbished servers can be had for much less than new models, and with no tradeoff in performance. Most companies can get by just fine with used hardware, and with the excellent cost savings that it offers, it is the clear choice for many businesses.