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A Server Maintenance Contract Is An Essential Part Of Any Hardware Purchase

Updated: June 6, 2017

A server maintenance contract is an essential part of any hardware purchase, and businesses should consider this type of contract a top priority when bringing in refurbished equipment. Even a piece of hardware that is well taken care of will falter eventually, and if a company isn’t prepared for such an eventuality, they may take a major hit to their productivity. For most businesses, this is an unacceptable outcome, so they ensure they are protected should the worst case scenario become a reality. The best way to do that is with a plan, and a reputable refurbishment expert can offer the perfect maintenance plan.

What can a server maintenance contract provide a business?

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In short, it can offer peace of mind, ensuring a company will always have an option should the equipment fail. A company can customize their plan to an extent, choosing from one of several response levels. This allows businesses to focus their resources on high priority hardware and ensure it is always up and running. It also allows a company to organize its IT personnel for certain projects, but have a specialist on hand should a major fault occur. In many cases, the hardware will come with an original manufacturer warranty, which will be passed on to the equipment buyer. This can provide an additional layer of protection. A company may opt for next business day response, which is an economic option, but one best reserved for low priority or redundant hardware. A same business day, 9-5 option makes for a quicker technical turnaround should something more critical go down, but for high priority equipment that must remain up at all costs, companies should consider a server maintenance contract that includes a 24/7 response time. With this level of response, a dedicated expert will work on the problem around the clock until it is fixed. This is for those times when the entire network and production environment is threatened, and could wipe out an entire day of production if it is not restored. If a company requires secondary services, a server maintenance contract can be customized to fit those in as well. For example, many businesses prefer their in-house people to manage things like firmware updates and patching, but a response technician can do so as well, if necessary. Alternatively, a company may consider hiring a third party IT crew to handle most of the regular upkeep. No matter what a business prefers, a hardware provider and refurbishment expert can provide some valuable insight into the process. Although a company’s own IT personnel can manage most hardware faults, a refurbishment expert is often specialized in certain brands, which may cover areas of expertise the business’s in-house technicians don’t possess. Network infrastructure upgrades are critical and often require a significant investment. Protect that investment with a plan that guards them from all contingencies. SourceTech can help you make the best choice for your business. Contact us today, and let us walk you through your options!