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Why We Sell Used Servers

Published: May 30, 2016

There is no reason to avoid companies that sell used servers, as refurbished hardware can be just as useful as new, much more expensive equipment. Refurbished equipment, as long as it is purchased from a reputable dealer, usually offers the same level of performance that new hardware does.That may not seem intuitive, but most networks are not capped by their processing speed, but by their ability to handle memory, or RAM. Fortunately, refurbished systems that are only a couple generations old typically come with all of the RAM a business will require. In short, while the technical specs may look more impressive on a new piece of equipment, it won’t mean much in reality. What will matter, though, is the price tag.

What should a business look for in services that sell used servers?

A refurbished piece of equipment isn’t hardware that has outlived its usefulness. The word “used” may lead people into thinking the hardware is sold as is, but that’s not the case with a reputable dealer. When refurbishing the hardware, a reputable dealer will clean it out, identify any hardware issues and fix them (or replace the offending part, if necessary), update the hardware’s firmware to current iterations, install any critical patches, and test it for reliability and performance. By the time the hardware is made available to businesses, it has already been thoroughly assessed.

Locating a trustworthy dealer, though, is the real task. A company should always consider experience and manufacturer preferences when choosing a company to purchase hardware from. Some dealers are only capable of working with a couple brands, while others have a variety of experts on their team. Of course, if a business knows what brand it wants, a brand specialist will have the in-depth technical knowledge that companies often look for.

Even when purchasing refurbished equipment, it’s a significant investment, and a reputable service will understand that. They will be willing to guide the company through the installation and setup process, and even facilitate it if necessary. In fact, some services will even provide maintenance contracts, including the manufacturer original, to ensure the hardware is taken care of after installation. It’s important to understand, many businesses that sell used servers aren’t like big-box retailers. They are dedicated to working closely with their clients and can often provide ongoing technical support.

It’s that combination of thorough refurbishing and consistent support that ensures the hardware lasts. A business can expect their refurbished hardware to be just as reliable as newer systems, and with their much lower cost, it’s a smart way for an IT department to manage their budget.