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Why Should A Company Opt For Cheap Used Servers?

Published: May 30, 2016

With cheap used servers, a business of any size can get a quality piece of hardware without destroying their budget. The fact is, companies don’t have to pay premium prices to get premium equipment, and there is a robust aftermarket for hardware and hardware components alike.And with this refurbished hardware, a company can focus its funds elsewhere and take on more important projects. Of course, a company will still wanting a piece of equipment that meets its performance needs, as well as its financial needs, and a refurbishment expert can help with locating that perfect hardware model.

Why should companies consider cheap used servers instead of current generation models?

Current generation equipment offers optimal performance, but this is often a level of performance that a company doesn’t truly need. This is especially true of smaller businesses, but plenty of large corporations waste money as well by upgrading to a degree that they don’t have to. In most typical office settings, hardware usually bottlenecks at the RAM level, which means as long as a company picks a piece of equipment that offers enough RAM, then it will likely function as needed.

So, a company doesn’t need top of the line hardware for its hardware infrastructure needs, but what makes cheap used servers a better option? For one, they are much more affordable than a new model. By opting for a refurbished piece of equipment, a business may save 50 percent or more off the price of a new hardware model, so companies can buy additional equipment or allocate their budgets elsewhere.

In addition to cost, though, refurbished hardware can be configured to a company’s precise needs, which isn’t always possible when buying new. In fact, a lot of new hardware models are loaded with unnecessary server and inefficient hardware configurations that have to be changed anyway. A refurbishment expert can handle this before installing the equipment and ensure that only the company’s software and configuration preferences are followed. A refurbishment expert will typically be willing to sit down with decision makers to determine what they need from the equipment.

The fear that some company owners have when opting for cheap used servers is that the hardware will fail right away or just not last as long. This isn’t a concern as long as a reputable refurbishment expert is on the job, as they will test every component to ensure the equipment is operating properly. Refurbishment experts also have access to replacement parts, so if something catastrophic does happen, they can fix the problem right away.

Finally, if a refurbishment expert has a maintenance contract tied to a piece of equipment, they will typically transfer it to the company. If there isn’t a contract already in place, a refurbishment expert can help produce one. This ensures that the hardware is never down for long if it is taken out unexpectedly.

Cheap used servers are a viable alternative for businesses that need to replace their hardware, and should be strongly considered whenever a company needs to make an infrastructure upgrade.