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Why Should A Business Consider A Server That Is Used

Published: May 30, 2016

Buying a server that is used is a cost effective solution to your business needs. There’s no denying that new hardware performs well and is reliable, but so is refurbished hardware, and refurbished equipment is a lot less expensive.

Setting up a network infrastructure can feel like an intimidating process, but when looking for a server, going used is a cost-effective, smart solution. There’s no denying that new hardware performs well and is reliable, but so is refurbished hardware, and refurbished equipment is a lot less expensive. But before a company settles on a piece of refurbished equipment, they should consult with a hardware expert they trust, as it’s important to consider all hardware options and brands before picking one.

Why should a business consider a refurbished server?

Used hardware may seem like a risky proposition to some businesses, but that fear is generally unfounded. Yes, it’s true that the wrong dealer may offer poor hardware and leave a company in a bad spot. But a trustworthy refurbishment expert and dealer will be able to produce a solid solution for any client. And a reputable expert will offer a solution that meets all of the company’s needs in terms of performance and reliability. In fact, a refurbishment expert can make the installation process quick and easy to manage, and will continue to provide support after the hardware has been set up.

But the major reason why companies go with a server that is used is cost. A new PowerEdge R630 straight from Dell will run a company around $3,000, which may seem like a great deal at first. But consider that this price is just for the hardware itself, and a few components that a business will need, like extra memory or an upgraded processor. A refurbished R630 in similar condition will typically cost hundreds less, and may be more than 50 percent off of the manufacturer price. And when a business picks refurbished equipment, they normally get the components they need with the system itself. That can greatly simplify the installation process and ensure that it provides excellent performance from the outset.

Refurbished hardware is intended for heavy use, so there is no worry about the system’s reliability, at least no worries that go beyond a typical installation. Practiced refurbishment experts work hard to restore their systems to excellent condition, and not just handing over an “as is” system for the client to deal with. An experienced refurbishment expert knows that the relationship with their client doesn’t end even after the hardware is installed, and will provide ongoing maintenance for the company.

It’s important to note that even when a company selects a server that is used, they don’t have to settle for an inferior brand or model. Dell, HP, Cisco and Sun hardware is available in refurbished form, and this includes respected models, such as the PowerEdge R610 and the Proliant DL380p line of hardware.

The key to a company’s smooth operation is a reliable network. A refurbishment expert can make that a reality for a company of any size, and do it with value in mind.