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Why Is The Power Edge Server Line Venerated?

Updated: December 21, 2017

There are several top hardware brands to choose from, and among them is the venerated PowerEdge server line. Established more than 20 years ago, this line of equipment remains one of the most popular among businesses of all sizes, including those running enterprise applications. Because it is so well supported, the line is constantly being added onto. This gives business owners and IT managers a chance to procure hardware that can provide all of the performance as a new model, but at a greatly reduced price.

What PowerEdge server model should business owners consider?

Dell's line of hardware comes in every popular form factor, including tower, rack, and blade versions. Most models manufactured during and after 2009 can provide sufficient performance for many businesses, as most companies don't need anywhere near the latest and greatest to maintain their production environment.

Among tower models, the T320, T410, T420, T610, T620 and T710 fit perfectly into that price and performance range that makes them highly cost-effective for small and medium business applications. And even among these models, there is significant variance in performance. The T410, for example, is made with an Intel 5500 processor and maxes out at 128 GB of RAM, while the T620 contains one of Intel's respected Xeon processors, specifically the Xeon 2600, and up to 768 GB of RAM. Tower hardware is ideal for companies that can scale their needs slowly, as they aren't quite as compact as rack and blade hardware, but are more affordable. That's why a PowerEdge tower server is best adapted for small businesses.

Dell also maintains an impressive portfolio of rack hardware, and among the most popular midrange models are the R610, R620, R710, R720, R810, R820, R900 and R910. Dell's rack hardware is available in everything from 1U to 7U form factors, and can perform in a variety of applications. The R610, for example, is a 1U rack that is made with a Xeon 5500 processor and up to 192 GB of RAM. That's enough power for web hosting, video streaming and caching. The R910 is a 4U model that runs a Xeon 7500 processor and up to a TB of RAM, allowing it to function admirably in demanding roles, such as virtualization applications.

A PowerEdge blade server is the most compact piece of hardware the brand offers, and is fitted into the company's M1000e cabinet. The cabinet can support Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand, and offers redundant power and cooling systems, ensuring a single component failure doesn't take the whole system down. Some of the most cost effective blades include the M420, M520, M600, M610, M620, M710, M820 and M910. Even with their compact builds, they can offer incredible punch, such as the M820, which provides up to 1.5 TB of RAM and a Xeon E5-4600 processor. That's strong enough for just about any application.

A company won't go wrong with Dell's respected hardware line, and with so many options, it is possible to secure an excellent deal.