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Why Is The Dell Edge Server So Popular Among Businesses?

Updated: May 28, 2017

The Dell Power Edge server line is one of the most respected hardware lines in the world, regularly ranking among the best sellers every year. It is an extremely versatile brand of hardware, and can fit into nearly any setting, from a small business to a sprawling enterprise-level datacenter. The technology giant has always worked to appeal to as many IT decision makers and business owners as possible, and this is reflected in the robust feature set that is incorporated into every hardware generation.

Why is the Dell PowerEdge server line so popular?

Above all else, decision makers want a system that they know will be well supported going forward, as bringing in network infrastructure requires a significant investment. There’s nothing worse than making a major upgrade, only for that brand to go extinct within a couple years. That isn’t a fear with this brand, which rolls out a new generation every other year or so. With excellent support and constant improvements, business owners know that they are set for the foreseeable future with the brand.

Versatility is the key word when assessing the Dell Power Edge server line, as it comes in a variety of form factors and models. This includes everything from tower hardware, which is better for small businesses, to ultra-dense blade hardware, which can scale up quickly to provide enterprise level performance. And within each form factor, there are several models available, offering several entry points for companies.

What really separates one brand from another, though, are the features built into the hardware. After surveying IT decision makers from hundreds of companies, divided between small, medium and large businesses, Dell has come up with a number of features that are designed to enhance applications performances and data transfer speeds. Its newest generation of hardware, for example, is the first on the market that uses 1.8-inch SATA drives as part of a hybrid storage solution. These drives are placed closer to the processor to speed up applications, which is a major concern among IT personnel. In fact, more than 2/3 of the companies surveyed stated that reduced data speeds has affected their performance in the past. With more and more businesses making use of real-time analytics and complex transactional software, keeping data close to the processor is a smart design approach.

The Dell PowerEdge server line also comes with top of the line management software, which has been improved upon with every hardware generation. Its newest iteration is highly automated, allowing administrators to set up and deploy firmware updates or configuration profiles from a central repository.

These features, and many more, are just part of what makes this line of equipment a giant in multiple industries. And with so many models to choose from, a business of any size can find a cost-effective option for its purposes.