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What To Consider When Looking For Affordable Servers

Updated: September 3, 2017

Servers transform how mid-size to large companies do business, and affordable servers make pure economic sense. Why blow a budget on a few expensive machines when rack mount servers of the Dell R620, R720, and R820 models are available from companies such as SourceTech, at more than reasonable prices? These servers are available used and refurbished at excellent price points. Either type will function as they are intended, depending on the need. Now is the time to invest in rack mount servers. Prices are lower than ever, and efficiency is at an all-time high. Deciding which type fits a business can seem like an insurmountable task, but when weighing all the options, the right choice can be made.

All of the notable brands such as Sun, Dell, Oracle, and HP have affordable rack mount servers geared to every business need. They are used in multiple ways, such as data storage, application hosting, and file backup. Deciding what those needs are, helps determine the correct server type. Even IT personnel might need help navigating the types and brands of servers to best suit their network environment. This is another area where a company such as SourceTech can be of assistance. They can help navigate the complex, sometimes intimidating world of network solutions with recommendations, implementation, upgrades, and support. Here are some uses to consider when purchasing servers, and remember that used and refurbished are viable alternatives, especially if budgetary concerns are an issue:

File Sharing

Affordable servers make it possible for everyone in a company to have access to important files in a central location, rather than have them spread out among individual PCs company-wide. If sensitive data is an issue, then it is an easy task to grant certain users privileges to individual files, while keeping them out of reach of the general work population.

File Storage and Backup

With cloud storage security in question and stories of breaches and hacks all over the news, companies are wise to consider onsite storage as part of a multi-faceted backup program. Sensitive data should be backed up to local as well as offsite servers for extra protection. A hybrid solution, including land-based servers and cloud backup, seems to offer the most cost-effective and safest method.

Email Hosting

Rather than using expensive commercial email services, some companies see a financial benefit in using affordable servers to host their own email platforms. The advantages are that security is more comprehensive and tighter. And email addresses can be set up for every employee.

Trying to reduce costs is smart; however, it is never a good idea to trust data storage to the least expensive technology. Taking the cheapest route can often end up being the most expensive undertaking in the long run. Affordable servers while priced well, are by no means inferior technology and are a resource that, with careful planning, can be an effective way to meet a company’s primary server needs.