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What Products Can A Win Server Offer?

Published: May 30, 2016

A Win server refers to a number of hardware and software products offered by Microsoft, and includes systems configured for greater productivity and security.While the computing powerhouse has offered software-based systems for many years, it has focused on creating an extensive line of network solutions since 2003. Before 2003, Microsoft’s contributions to the industry mostly included hardware operating systems that were modified versions of its ubiquitous Windows OS. Now, though, its newest products are engineered with software specifically catered to enterprise markets, and many of these products can interact with other Microsoft programs, such as Office.

What are some of the most popular products offered through the brand?

There are many Win server product options, and most of them facilitate other Microsoft processes, allowing a company to completely synergize its operations at every level. Some of the most popular product offerings include:

  • Commerce products, which gives companies the tools to create and operate an e-commerce portal.
  • Internet Information products, which include web management software, FTP systems and modest e-mail management capabilities.
  • Exchange systems, which are designed for robust e-mail management and collaboration.
  • Host Integration systems, which are designed to connect data and management software. These systems are intended for use in Microsoft environments like the AS/400.
  • PerformancePoint systems, which are exclusively for managing business performance and employee tasks.
  • Project systems, which are intended for use with Microsoft Project. This win server product allows decision makers to manage the fine details of a project and allocate resources when needed.
  • SharePoint systems, which offer a range of file sharing, social networking, web publishing, and collaboration applications.
  • Skype for Business systems, which grant businesses powerful instant messaging and presence tools, giving managers the ability to keep personnel organized and communicating efficiently. Skype for Business systems can be integrated with PBX telephone systems.
  • SQL systems, which are industry standard systems for database management and organization.
  • Virtual systems, which are the Win server version of virtualized platforms.

Microsoft has also released its Forefront line of comprehensive security options. They include the Threat Management Gateway, which combines firewalls, routing, virtual private networks, and web caching to secure processes and data. Forefront also offers additional security for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint systems, and provides protection for Exchange Online and a unified access gateway function.

In addition to its security and productivity products, Microsoft offers its System Center line, which is designed to aid IT admins in overseeing and controlling the company’s Microsoft system products. Among these products are the System Center Advisor, which is a piece of software that can be used to configure other Microsoft systems over the internet, and the System Center Data Protection Manager, which offers continuous data recovery and protection.

And these are just a handful of the products offered through Microsoft. With so many options to choose from, any business can get the combination of services they need through the brand.