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What Does A Dell File Server Do For Businesses?

Updated: April 9, 2017

Enterprise level to larger businesses with multiple remote users can use a Dell file server for the establishment of streamlined control over crucial data, file sharing, and print services. A server setup is a logical step for companies that want better data organization and better access to shared information. Companies need a systematic and consistent way to track, share, and store files. With a server, there is a centralized area for storing data. This makes it conveniently easy to search for, find, maintain version control, and keep files well-organized. File storage, access, security, backup, and easy recovery should be at the top of every businesses to-do list.

Benefits of Dell Server Solutions

There are numerous benefits to incorporating a Dell file server in the workplace. Dell has earned a name as a top-rated computer company, particularly in the area of rack mount servers. Their products are of the highest quality and have a reputation for durability and providing long years of service. This means that new, used, and refurbished Dell servers are an excellent investment.

Greater Security

There is more to file security that the use of firewalls. A Dell file server or any server, stores valuable data, which means they can be the target of an array of threats. Servers can also suffer from exposure to viruses, DoS (denial-of-service) attacks, and more. Since each server has an operating system, it is vital that it is hardened, and upgraded with the latest security patches. It is also wise to install access control and encryption.

Central Backup Location With Remote Access

A Dell file server provides a single location for backing up important files and maintaining their integrity and security. Information stored on a server with backup protocols receives the necessary support and backup on a customized schedule. Along with other backup methods, such as cloud storage or offsite, this is an efficient way of ensuring the protection of files and having them there when needed. The importance of having redundant backups cannot be overly emphasized. Data loss can be devastating. The loss of client files can be the undoing of a firm. Backed up data and smooth recovery bring a great deal of peace of mind. Prevention is the only option.

Networked File and Application Sharing

Employees who need to work on the same files can access the ones they need, modify them as required, and then re-upload them with the current date when they are finished working. This is the gateway to improved efficiency and less confusion. A record is kept of checked out files so that anyone else that needs to access a particular file can see the status and who is working on it.

A centralized project management application on a Dell file server makes it no longer necessary to install programs on individual computers. Rather than having IT personnel go from pc to pc installing individual apps in a time-consuming manner, the software can be installed on the server and access permissions granted to the appropriate employees.