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Used Computers Should Be Considered By Houston Businesses

Updated: November 20, 2016

Eventually, every Houston business needs to upgrade its technology, and used computers are an economical and effective approach to the problem. Oil & gas, technology, medical and transport businesses maintain many offices in the city, and their employees get the job done with PCs. In most cases, these are standard issue commodity PCs that aren’t designed to manage programs that task the processor and memory. But just because an employee only performs standard office tasks doesn’t mean that they should be using a poorly performing machine. Commodity PCs become obsolete quickly, and if they are not replaced in due time, they will put a drag on the company’s productivity.

So why should a Houston company consider used computers?

It may seem counterintuitive that the best way to upgrade a set of PCs is to check the market for refurbished machines. But all too often, company managers overcommit to a new bank of PCs instead, leveling their budget in the process. It’s important to note that refurbished machines can be configured to offer the same level of reliability and longevity that new PCs do, as long as a reputable refurbishment expert is doing the job.

Aftermarket components, like processers, can be had for a fraction of the price compared to new components, and as long as they test well, there is no noticeable difference between a new component and an aftermarket component of the same model. This means that a refurbishment expert can put together a set of PCs that are identical in every way to new PCs, except at a significant discount. In some instances, used computers are more than 50 percent off a new version, so it’s the ideal approach when replacing multiple machines at once.

But perhaps most importantly, a refurbishment expert will work closely with the business, unlike big box chains that are only interested in selling a product. With support during the purchasing and refurbishment process, a business can fine tune each system, adding in certain components or ensuring it gets PCs that can be scaled up as time goes on. A refurbishment expert can also install a desired operating system or software that the company needs for its operations. If the goal is to integrate the upgraded PCs as quickly as possible, choosing used computers is the way to go.

What type of Houston business can benefit from refurbished PCs?

The easy answer is – any company that relies on technology for its daily needs. This includes everything from restaurants, of which Houston has thousands, to major oil & gas corporations (Houston has more than a few of those too). Even small mom & pop shops need a machine to keep track of their inventory, maintain customer information, and facilitate transactions, and instead of breaking the budget, a refurbishment expert can make the process much more affordable.

PCs are no longer the major financial investments they once were, and with an experienced professional helping out, a company can reduce their technology costs even more.