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Sun / Oracle SPARC T5-1B Servers


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Sun Oracle T3-1Oracles SPARC T5-1B server delivers the high-performance, maximum security, and extreme scalability you need to provide safe transactions and fast, reliable Web service to millions of users. This is the worlds first 16-core, single socket general purpose 2RU server, supplying a significant increase in throughput and bandwidth over its predecessor. The SPARC T5-1B offers built-in, no-cost virtualization, integrated, on-chip 10GbE cryptographic acceleration, and highly expanded internal storage and network connectivity.

SPARC T5-1B Server Info Memory Size Up to 512 GB DDR3 Number of CPUs Up to 1 Number of Cores Up to 16 per processor Number of Threads Up to 128 Processors SPARC T5 3.6 GHz

Two Year Warranty, Free Shipping