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Dell PowerEdge T710


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The Dell PowerEdge T710 features include the performance of Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor 5500 and 5600 series, the availability of up to 16 hard drive discs, DDR3 memory, excellent I/O capacity, and available redundant power. The PowerEdge T710 was developed with a purposeful design–energy-optimized technology, advanced virtualization capabilities and simplified systems management. Purposeful Design The PowerEdge T710 takes advantage of Dell’s outstanding system commonality and reliability. Consistent component layout and purposeful placement of interface ports and power supplies enable easy installation and redeployment. The PowerEdge T710 purposeful design provides a standard LCD screen positioned by the front of the bezel for ease of monitoring. Robust, metal hard drive carriers and organized cabling are designed to improve component access and airflow across the server. Designed for easy rack installation, the PowerEdge T710 offers an all-steel cable management arm to help eliminate creep. Energy-Optimized Technology Energy efficiency is designed at the system level on the PowerEdge T710 to help reduce power consumption while increasing performance capacity. Improvements include enhanced power supply units, an efficient fan design, and policy-driven power management. Energy Smart 90%+ efficient power supply units are provided on the PowerEdge T710. A robust fan cage design with a single pull fan module helps improve airflow and enable fast, easy maintenance. Power Management features include power capping, power inventory, and power budgeting to best manage power in your specific environment. Advanced Virtualization Featuring Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors 5500 series, embedded hypervisors, and expanded memory and I/O, Dell servers offer better overall system performance and virtual machine-per-server capacity than ever before. Dell provides a smart path to virtualization that is grounded in choice and defined by industry standards. Choose your hypervisor from market leaders such as VMware(R) and Microsoft(R), enabling virtualization with a few mouse clicks. Simplified Systems Management The next-generation of Dell OpenManage(TM) suite of management tools is designed to provide efficient operations and standards-based commands designed to integrate with existing systems for effective control. Dell Management Console (DMC) helps simplify operations and create stability by shrinking infrastructure management to one console. This console delivers a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure management. Built on Symantec(TM) Management Platform, it has an easily extensible, modular foundation that can provide basic hardware management or more advanced functions, such as asset and security management. Dell Management Console is designed to reduce or eliminate manual processes, enabling you to save time and money for more strategic technology usage. Secure and efficient, the Dell Lifecycle Controller delivers “Instant On” integrated manageability through a single access point. The Unified Server Configurator (USC) interface enables persistent a


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