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Dell PowerEdge M830


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Enhance IT workload performance

Up to 72 Intel(R) processor cores and 48 DIMMS of DDR4 memory offer tremendous computational horsepower for heavy-use workloads in exceptionally demanding database, technical computing and virtualized environments. Get results faster from memory-intensive workloads with DDR4 DIMMs offering 15 percent higher MT/s than DDR3. Feed your IO-intensive workloads with up to 240Mbits of throughput using 24 x 10GbE ports connected to three redundant, low-latency fabrics. Accelerate data-intensive workloads using 12 in-chassis SSDs, with expansion options of up to 25 HDDs (37TB).

Converge IT resources

Save expenses with physical and software-defined consolidation that optimizes application delivery using flexibly tailored IT. Meet business objectives by powering critical workloads with converged solutions designed specifically for data center and small-office environments. Reduce infrastructure sprawl by converging management modules, switches, power and network cabling, disk enclosures, and feature-dense 4S servers into a single chassis. Save floor space, power and cooling costs, and licensing fees by using core-dense M830s to create a software-defined environment from legacy infrastructure. Utilize vast local SSD and memory resources to develop softwaredefined standalone edge networking and DAS storage with VMware VSAN and Virtual Distributed Switch technologies.

Expedite time to value

Reduce configuration, maintenance, imaging and deployment time and costs by standardizing on a single 4-socket E5-4600v3 platform in existing VRTX or M1000e chassis for remote offices and data centers. Protect software-defined compute, storage and networking with Dell Fault Resilient Memory and redundant embedded hypervisor. Automate operations with agent-free, 1-to-many systems management tools that pre-provision LAN and SAN resources and assist with BIOS, firmware and driver updates. Enable zero-touch discovery and configuration with template-based provisioning.

Simplify and automate your IT management tasks Manage your blades as you like with the Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) — the single, embedded interface for multi-chassis management included with Dell shared infrastructure platforms. The powerful features of the CMC let you manage your M830 blades individually or collectively in groups, in one or multiple chassis, and in one or more locations in your network. Leveraging the incomparable agent-free capabilities of the PowerEdge embedded integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (IDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller technology, server deployment, configuration and updates are streamlined across the OpenManage portfolio and through integration with third-party management solutions. Monitoring and control of Dell and third-party data center hardware is provided by OpenManage Essentials and with anytime, anywhere mobile access, through OpenManage Mobile. OpenManage Essentials now also delivers Server Configuration Management capabilities that automate one-many PowerEdge bare-metal server and OS deployments, quick and consistent replic


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