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Refurbished Servers and Equipment Smart Move for Companies

Published: May 15, 2013

SourceTech Saves Money for a Growing Number of IT Departments

Houston, Texas (Marketwire) July 13, 2009 – Refurbished servers and computer equipment can provide a huge savings for companies faced with maintaining state-of-the-art technology on a budget. SourceTech Systems has a complete inventory of refurbished Sun Microsystems servers and refurbished HP servers to meet the needs of many corporations in need of high end work stations.

Refurbished Servers from SourceTech Systems allow a company to purchase HP and Sun technology at significant savings. Clients in Texas and across the country include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, defense companies, consultants and service professionals and organizations. The company has met the needs of many exploration firms, defense agencies and contractors that require systems with high performance computing and graphics. SourceTech Systems sells a wide range of other refurbished Sun hardware and HP hardware including CPU’s, memory, disk and tape drives, storage arrays, and networking equipment. The company specializes in Sun Microsystem servers and HP equipment including Proliant, 9000 and Integrity. They also carry Dell, IBM, StorageTek and Cisco products.

SourceTech Systems offers a wide range of hardware services including nation-wide 3rd party maintenance contracts, system integration and installation. In addition, next day parts shipments are available for service companies and self-maintenance customers who need replacement parts for critical system requirements.

"Our goal is to save companies money while providing them with the refurbished equipment to meet the needs of their IT department," said David Graves, president of SourceTech Systems. "We also recognize the importance of superior customer service and trusted long-term relationships with our clients."

About SourceTech Systems

For over 25 years, SourceTech Systems has been a leading supplier of new and used servers, networking equipment and workstations. SourceTech Systems deals in high-end computing and networking hardware, and offers significant savings on refurbished servers for companies nationwide. In addition, the service department has a wide range of hardware maintenance plans and same-day service as needed.

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