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Refurbished Computers Could Be A Better Solution

Updated: November 26, 2016

Choosing to go with refurbished computers can be beneficial to businesses for many reasons. Especially when cost and functionality is a concern.

Companies in the Houston area can save a lot of money and a lot of effort by opting for refurbished computers instead of new hardware. There are thousands of offices in the Bayou City, and for the most part, they operate using basic, commodity PCs. This is perfectly fine, as many companies don’t need PCs that are built for processor or memory-intensive tasks. Except for firms that deal with a lot of data, design programs or editing programs, economy is a primary concern. And a reputable seller will ensure a business stays within their budget.

But won’t refurbished computers wear out a lot faster?

Not at all. These machines run basic office software, so they are easy to restore and quick to be ready for use again. A reputable expert can return every PC to a state that is indistinguishable from new, and it will provide a lifespan that is comparable to newer models. An expert can even install a new OS on the machine, or just update its firmware so that it runs a bit smoother. Once readied for action, the PC will be ready to handle a multitude of office tasks, including order taking, payment processing, monitoring customer relations, sending e-mails and messages, and anything else required of the employee.

So why go with refurbished computers to begin with? Purchasing a lot of PCs at once can be cost-prohibitive, but this expense can be managed through used hardware, which can be had for a fraction of what new hardware costs. This is consistent throughout the world of tech. If a company needs servers, workstations, or any other piece of equipment at a manageable cost, it is best to go through a trusted used equipment dealer.

What can a reputable seller offer in addition to refurbished computers?

A dealer can also provide a number of workstation options to a company, including models from respected brands like Dell, Sun and HP. Workstations are valuable assets for Houston businesses, as they are much more powerful than the typical commodity PC. This makes them ideal for running graphic design and editing programs, and simulation programs. In Houston, there are many engineering and technical firms that regularly employ 3D design technology. Workstations are the backbone for these companies, and come with multiple processors and much more memory than a typical PC.

Models like the HP Z600, Z620, Z800 and Z820 are highly respected workstations that can fit into any Houston business. And while Sun is no longer developing new workstation models, its Ultra 25 and Ultra 45 are still found in critical applications, and are even used by the federal government.

As should be clear, Houston businesses have a lot of options when looking for hardware. Only a small group of dealers, though, know how to restore used equipment and create a workable solution for any company.