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Popular Dell Blade Servers

Updated: July 10, 2017

When improving network infrastructure, cost is always a concern, but refurbished Dell blade servers can offer all the power a business needs at a greatly reduced initial investment. In recent years, this type of hardware has become extremely popular, and for good reason. It is ideal for any application, from small business networks to sprawling enterprise initiatives. And with its excellent scalability, even a model that is a few years old can provide impressive performance once scaled up some. In short, it's the ideal option for a business that wants its network to grow with the company. What are the benefits of Dell blade servers? The PowerEdge line of hardware is right there with HP's Proliant as one of the most respected brands of equipment. It has been around for years and is supported extremely well, so businesses can expect frequent firmware updates and patches to keep the hardware running safely and efficiently. There are several perks to running with this kind of hardware. Perhaps the most attractive benefit is the incredible scalability it comes with. Each system consists of a cabinet that houses the individual pieces of hardware, and a single 19” cabinet can accommodate up to 32 pieces of hardware, depending on the form factor. That's a high-density solution that presses a lot of power into a small space. That means a company can do more with a smaller datacenter, and because power and cooling are built into each cabinet, keeping the equipment within safe operating ranges requires less power. Also, Dell blade servers are extremely redundant and are designed with multiple switches and slots for power sources and cooling systems. So, even if one power source or switch fails, there is another to take its place. The PowerEdge can grow with the business as well, as new pieces of hardware can be installed as the company's data management needs grow. This allows a company to determine just how much they want to invest in a system at first, and how to scale the system gradually as its needs develop. What are some popular Dell PowerEdge blade servers? The M600 is the oldest model that can still play a role, normally for small and medium businesses. It is designed with 64 GB of RAM and a Xeon 5000 processor. For more intensive applications, the M620, M720 or M820 can provide added punch, offering up to 1.5 TB of RAM per piece of hardware and a Xeon E5-4600 processor. Newer PowerEdge models are also made with mezzanine slots, allowing companies to improve I/O functionality. These models are all available as refurbished pieces of hardware, which itself can offer some additional benefits to a company. They are much less expensive than newer models, sometimes up to 90 percent less. They can also be set up to the company's preferences, so they are as close to plug and play as it gets. For an IT department stretched for time and money, choosing refurbished is the right approach.