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Important Features Of Proliant Servers

Published: June 3, 2016

Proliant Servers offers features that are important to most businesses and thus is why they are a top choice for many companies. With lots of research HP has increased the efficiency of their servers to meet businesses needs. Proliant servers head the market every year, making HP's brand of hardware a top choice for businesses of all sizes. HP has focused on making its hardware efficient in every way and allocating its resources to developing additional features in every new release. The result is a flexible piece of equipment that can facilitate everything from basic office applications to big data processes. And with an expert refurbishment crew assisting the hardware selection and installation effort, a company can put together a powerful datacenter with minimal investment. What are some of the key features of Proliant servers? HP has poured a lot of research and funding into making its hardware run more efficiently and more intuitively. This can be a major help to companies that operate with smaller margins, as every bit of savings can be extremely important. And with advanced management software, the company's IT personnel can easily optimize the equipment for the business. That saves on labor costs and allows critical personnel to focus their efforts elsewhere. A key example of the line's efficiency is the HP Power Regulator management feature. It can be accessed independently of the hardware's operating system and allows for fine control over how power is allocated to hardware and processors. By allowing for dynamic changes in processor performance and power states, Proliant servers can shave off 10 percent of power and cooling costs. Those are big numbers, and they get even bigger with the brand's power capping feature. Power capping hardware allows admin personnel to alter the amount of power delivered to each piece of equipment. In short, hardware that runs at its listed wattage is often wasting energy. HP's power capping functionality allows admin personnel to run the hardware at a lower wattage, allowing the company to install more hardware into a single power envelope. For larger companies, that may mean dozens or even hundreds of extra pieces of equipment at the same level of power and cooling consumption. HP has also integrated advanced virtualization software into Proliant servers, making it much easier to set up and control virtual environments. HP has designed its hardware to be compatible with most virtual environments, and alert management software admins to possible failure states before they occur. There are many models to choose from in the line, including rack, tower and blade hardware, so companies can balance economy, footprint, and scalability when picking their preferred setup. A refurbishment expert can assist with the selection process, and ensure that the equipment is configured for the business prior to installation. With a refurbished hardware solution, a company can save a great deal of money without sacrificing performance or reliability. In some instances, this can equal a savings of up to 90 percent, and along with the extra power and cooling efficiency, HP is an ideal choice for small businesses firming up their network infrastructure. Of course, HP's flagship brand is an ideal choice for businesses in any situation, and with the company's top flight customer support, Proliant servers are as easy to manage as it gets.