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Dell Threat Defense Prevents Ransomware

Published: August 29, 2017

Many users operate their systems dreading the possibility of a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a kind of malware that targets and disables access to critical components of your system (such as important files and folders). When ransomware penetrates your system, it embeds itself deep within your files and is often impossible to remove without an access code that only the ransomware developer possesses.

The threat of ransomware came true for many endpoint users in May 2017, when WannaCry attacked over 200,000 endpoints in 3 days. The attack spanned across 150 countries, and it spread by using EternalBlue (an existing Microsoft vulnerability).

Due to the threat of ransomware, many users are in need of comprehensive threat defense solutions against potential attacks. Dell Threat Defense prevents ransomware and other kinds of malware from penetrating your system.

What is Dell Threat Defense?

Dell Threat Defense is an advanced threat prevention solution equipped with machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. It has the capability of preventing malware from penetrating your system and causing any damage. The solution leverages algorithm models and DNA markers in order to deploy effectively across your entire system and provide a strong line of defense.

Its effectiveness arises from its ability to stop malicious and unknown executable files from running. Malicious active scripts and PowerShell attacks can also be prevented by the Dell Threat Defense solution.

Traditional Antivirus Solutions are not as effective

Traditional anti-virus software works by implementing a signature-based approach. This means that they can only identify signatures and patterns of previously detected threats when providing protection. This creates a gap between new emergent threats that do not yet have a detectable signature that can be identified by the software.

As a result, users are often left unprotected from new emergent threats. Malicious programs are rising at a faster rate, and traditional vendors of anti-virus software can’t keep up with developing solutions to all this malware.

A Highly-Effective Solution

Dell Threat Defense combines advanced and dynamic mathematical models with artificial technology in order to prevent 99% of executable malware. Other top antivirus solutions are merely as effective as identifying only 50% of threats.

Dell Threat Defense is also a proactive solution since it stops malware before it can execute on your system. This is a more effective solution than other reactive methods of detection.

Enjoy protection from the WannaCry Ransomware

Dell Threat Defense protects against all forms of the WannaCry ransomware. All known variants of the ransomware are detectable to the software, and Dell offers multiple endpoint security solutions that prevent these attacks. Data that may have been lost due to an attack can also be recovered using the Mozy Pro backup solution provided by Dell.

Easy to Deploy

Dell Threat Defense is a lightweight-solution that is targeted at businesses of all sizes. It is easy to set up, and businesses without a dedicated IT department also stand to benefit from this solution.

In addition, the threat-defense can be operated from a cloud, allowing businesses to save on costs and time that would otherwise be incurred with an on-premise setup. This allows businesses to focus on their operations and generating revenue.

No internet connection is necessary

Dell Threat Defense does not rely on a constant internet connection when operating. You can thus enjoy protection even when working offline.

Multiple Endpoints supported

Whether using a Windows PC, Mac OSX, windows servers or thin clients with embedded windows OS, Dell Threat Defense has you covered. Dell also offers flexible-pricing options to organizations that want to try before they buy, or before they commit long term.