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Comparing The Cost Of A Server

Updated: July 2, 2016

When looking at the cost of a server there are many variables that are taken into consideration. Seeking out a refurbishment expert could help in helping reduce these costs. 

For many businesses, the cost of a server can seem intimidating. Network infrastructure is a major investment, but a critical one that every company needs to make eventually. But for businesses that operate on a tight budget, it may seem like the only option is to go into the red, or deal with failing hardware until it is completely unusable. However, relying on faulty hardware may damage the company’s growth and be more expensive in the long run. Fortunately, refurbished hardware is an affordable, effective solution that any company can benefit from, and provides an alternative to new, more expensive hardware.

What is the typical cost of a server?

It depends on the model, but new hardware typically costs thousands of dollars. Recent models of Dell’s PowerEdge, the R920 and R930, are more than $10,000 new, and while they offer the kind of performance that can fit into enterprise applications, that may be too much for many companies. For small and medium sized companies, a piece of equipment that is a few years old is perfectly capable of handling the network. Differences in performance are typically minimal from generation to generation. In general, small and medium businesses won’t suffer any hit in productivity with an older model, as long as the business isn’t engaging memory-intensive software like design or simulation software.

And the difference in price can be stark. The PowerEdge T620, for example, is about $2,400 direct from Dell, and is capable of handling almost any application that a small or medium business would use. That’s a single generation and several thousand dollars less.

So a company can save money with an older piece of equipment, and can save even more by going with refurbished hardware. The cost of a refurbished server is much lower than a new piece of equipment. The difference may be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, and in some instances, may mean a discount of up to 90 percent.

Who can help a company reduce the cost of a server investment?

A respected refurbishment expert will work with a company to produce the optimal hardware solution. This means setting up equipment that is compatible with company’s software and operations, and hardware that will provide the needed performance and reliability. In general, a business can meet all these needs without going over budget, as refurbished hardware offers a number of options.

When a piece of equipment is refurbished, it is cleaned out, physically and digitally. Its components are tested for stability, and its firmware is updated to current standards. If there are any technical faults present, the refurbishment expert will replace the offending component prior to installation. So, businesses that choose refurbished hardware are getting something that is almost like new, and at a greatly reduced price. It’s a pragmatic option for businesses, and one that more and more companies are choosing.