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Common Dell Power Edge Server Part Replacement

Updated: January 19, 2017

No matter how well a company's hardware runs, if it is running a PowerEdge system, it will eventually need Dell replacement server parts. Even the best hardware will fail given enough wear and time, but replacements can restore its performance and extend its lifespan by a great deal. And if a company can find a reputable seller, they can save a lot of money while keeping their equipment running at peak capacity.

What kind of Dell PowerEdge server parts are available?

As one of the most respected and ubiquitous brands around, the PowerEdge line of hardware is extremely well-supported, and replacement components are readily available. These components can come directly from the manufacturer, or they can be refurbished by an expert that has experience with the brand's hardware. Refurbished hardware offers excellent cost savings to a company, and as long as it is maintained by a reputable refurbishment expert, there is little difference between it and OEM components.

Some components will need to be replaced more often. Hard drives, for example, are constantly reading, writing and transferring data, and sustain the brunt of the equipment's wear. It's no surprise, then, that even high quality hard drives fail at a significant rate. Of course, the PowerEdge is compatible with RAID and other fail safes, so data loss is usually not a concern, but hard drives will need to be replaced quickly to keep the network functioning like it should. Fortunately, both SATA and SAS format drives are available, designed to be plugged in hot so that the system doesn't have to be taken down to accommodate the new drives. They are also available in many sizes, from a couple hundred GB to cavernous TB drives.

RAM is another critical element of most systems, and if it suffers a failure, the entire network can suffer major slowdowns. In general, most companies will require DDR3 memory for their hardware, though a few newer models make use of DDR4 memory instead. Among Dell replacement server parts, RAM is perhaps the highest priority, as most network bottlenecks occur when there are problems with it.

Processors, power systems and cooling systems are among essential Dell server parts as well, and should be replaced as soon as possible, or more catastrophic failures could soon follow.

Companies are often tempted to buy components directly from the manufacturer, but they could be paying a premium to do so. And, in fact, a business might get better, more responsive support from a local seller. A reputable refurbishment expert will offer used hardware at a reduced price compared to OEM components, and can help a client determine the best options for their network infrastructure. The biggest hard drive or fastest processor may not always be the best choice, and a trustworthy seller will assess a client's needs so that they don't spend money needlessly.

It is frustrating dealing with hardware failures, but Dell server parts purchased through a trusted seller can soften the blow, and ensure the network can always be relied upon.