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Choosing The Right Dell Server Deals For Your Company

Updated: April 11, 2017

Choosing the best Dell server deals can make all the difference in a businesses network. PowerEdge hardware is a well respected and is well supported in the industry.

The right Dell server deals can help a company get the network infrastructure they need without the prohibitive costs that normally come with it. It's a tough situation that a lot of businesses eventually find themselves in. Should they risk operating failing and inefficient hardware, or invest a lot of money into something more reliable and faster? It may be tempting to wring every last bit of performance from the network infrastructure, but once it goes down, so will the company's operations. And that may cost the business more than upgrading their hardware to begin with.

Fortunately, businesses don't have to decide between poor hardware and intimidating hardware costs. Reputable hardware refurbishment professionals can provide excellent equipment that is heavily discounted, allowing companies of all sizes to build the network foundation they need to grow and thrive.

What are some Dell server deals a company should consider?

The brand's PowerEdge line of hardware is one of the most respected in the industry, and is extremely well-supported. New models are released every year, so equipment that is just a few years and a generation or two old can be had for a fraction of what they originally cost. And for most small and medium businesses, a PowerEdge model that is a few years old will provide all of the performance they need.

For example, the PowerEdge is available in rack, tower and blade form factors, so there is a model that can fit into a datacenter of any size or shape. There are plenty of models to choose from, like the R820 – a 2U rack released in 2012. It comes with a Xeon E5-4600 processor, 48 DIMM slots that can accommodate up to 1.5 TB of RAM and up to 16 TB of internal storage. If a company needs something more economical and modest, the T710 might be a better fit. It's a tower unit that can be converted into a 5U rack, and is built with an Intel 5520 processor and 18 DDR3 slots for up to 192 GB of RAM. Companies that need something highly scalable and compact may consider Dell server deals on blade hardware, like the M610, M710, M910, M420, M520, M620 or M820.

Why should a business consider refurbished hardware instead of new?

It primarily comes down to cost, though refurbished equipment comes with some additional conveniences as well. Many Dell server deals involve refurbished hardware, and the savings can be dramatic. In some instances, refurbished hardware may be available for up to 90 percent less than a comparable new model, and discounts of up to 50 percent are common.

And as long as a business purchases through a respected dealer, refurbished equipment will provide the same level of reliability and functionality that a new model offers. Refurbishment experts go to great lengths to restore the hardware to like-new condition, cleaning out unneeded data and bringing the firmware to current standards. The hardware is checked for any physical issues, and to ensure continued reliability, Dell server deals typically come with a comprehensive maintenance contract.

The company's network is one of its most critical assets, but it can be built on a strong foundation using refurbished PowerEdge equipment.