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5 Reasons Why Used Sun Servers Are A Good Investment

Published: May 30, 2016

Opting for used sun servers can provide companies with more adequate and reliable hardware then when you buy new equipment. Here are 5 big reasons to choose refurbished over new servers

Used Sun servers are a viable option for all types of server needs. Sun servers are innovative products, designed and created to the highest standards, and they are built to provide many years of service. Refurbished models are a solid investment because of their quality and durability. They are a workhorse of a machine, being both reliable and long-lasting. They are known for fail-over features and built-in security. They can be found at seriously discounted prices, making them all the more attractive. Reputable dealers such as Source Tech thoroughly inspect, test, and put each server through its paces before deeming it worthy of re-marketing. Anyone unsure about the effectiveness of a refurbished model can give them a call, and they will gladly discuss requirements and make suggestions. A used server will provide more than adequate, long-term reliable service. Below are five reasons why Sun servers that are refurbished are as reliable as, and have many advantages over new servers:

1. The Quality is there to Begin With

The primary reason that used Sun servers prove to be such a sound investment and so beneficial to companies both large and small, is the quality craftsmanship that is built-in from the start. The name Sun represents advanced design, forward-thinking, power, and reliable engineering. Simply put, these servers, whether new or refurbished, get the job done.

2. Power

Used Sun servers can be installed in a variety of arrays. They deliver the power and processing speed needed, thanks to hardware such as Sparc, Intel, and AMD. Different companies have different requirements, so there are a variety of models and sizes from which to choose. Large enterprises that house data centers and small organizations that may only need a few workstations can easily be accommodated.

3. Seamless Scalability

Adding additional used Sun servers to an existing configuration is simple. They can be scaled extremely efficiently, without data loss. This is something that Sun is known for, and it is no less true in refurbished models.

4. Energy Efficient

In today’s world, renewable and sustainable energy are the preferred choices. More and more companies are going “green.” In this setting, energy efficiency is a sought after commodity. It just so happens that used Sun servers are enviro-friendly machines. They consume less power, yet deliver more punch than their contemporary counterparts. This is highly attractive to companies that feel a responsibility to do their part for the environment. Green solutions are not a mere fad; they have become part of the way that business is done.

5. Cost Effective

Finally, pre-owned Sun servers can be brought to market at a more than reasonable cost. This can represent substantial savings for high-yield, high-quality machines. A firm that is working within the confines of a budget, or a new company that is just starting out, will benefit greatly from the savings while still having a reliable, usable product that can be trusted to do the job.