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5 Reasons to Buy New & Used Servers on the Secondary Market

Published: November 21, 2016

The word for you is "effective." You provide the IT resources that enable your company to get the job done, even on a moment's notice, and with a reasonable budget. You may still be turning to manufacturers, thinking that you're getting the best deal and delivery. If that's so, you'll want to check out these five reasons to buy new and used servers on the secondary market instead. We're SourceTech, and we're your source of both new and refurbished servers and systems, an excellent alternative to manufacturers and VARs. 

1.  Deep Discounts 

When you call us, we at SourceTech can provide significant discounts on the equipment you need, with a 24 month warranty from us and usually the balance of the manufacturer's warranty as well. New, demo, and refurbished equipment comes at prices which will give you the chance to upgrade memory, processor, and more beyond what you could afford at manufacturer's prices. You can become known for delivering what your company needs, and more, at prices that help your organization compete and grow. 

2.  Warranty 

Most equipment comes with remaining time on the manufacturer's warranty and a 24 month warranty from Source Tech. You'll love our support anyway, so this is a big plus if you'd like responsive assistance without paying a premium for it. 

3.  Faster Delivery 

When you're ready to act quickly to upgrade or replace server and system capacity, we're ready to respond quickly. You can skip 2-3 week lead times that can run even longer in real life, and get our in-stock equipment shipped to you within 1-2 days. 

4.  Expert Knowledge 

We know our systems. Our used Dell servers, Sun and HP equipment all come from people who can help you with quality upgrades, support, configuration guidance and more. We can handle your mixed-vendor environments like no single vendor can! 

5.  Support and Maintenance Contracts 

Refurbished equipment gives you like-new quality that still performs the way you need it to. We can provide support that will keep it running like new, under contracts that help you manage your costs. 

Capital Investments at Cloud Costs   

You can still own hardware and not take a large bite out of your budget. Your effective answer to meeting your organization's computing needs with used Dell servers, Sun and HP equipment is ready to provide strong support and excellent pricing for the long run. Turn to SourceTech for powerful results.